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R2 Companies

Tip Your Cap

R2 Companies, a privately-held, Chicago based real estate development firm needed assistance printing custom vinyl banners to promote available commercial properties. Working with a short deadline, the firm needed a price quote fast and a reasonable turnaround.

Response & On-Site Consultation

Within an hour (yep, we are quick!), Cushing provided detailed custom project pricing for the signs.

Onsite Consultation

  • Provided a site survey within 48 hours.
  • Window measurements were supplied to the graphic artist to aid accuracy in creating final graphic files.

General Leasing Signs on 13 Ounce Custom Vinyl (including grommets) Don’t worry, we just like to use fancy print words! R2 hung the custom vinyl banners on the sides of their buildings for lease. Potential customers walking down the street could see business was space available for rent. Grommets are rings that we insert through a hole to the material. This keeps window signage from falling down.

Attention Grabbing Exterior Signage We used adhesive vinyl mounted to styrene. In layman’s (or laywoman’s, depending on who is browsing) terms, this is a very sturdy material that does not fade easily, sustains wear and handles the outdoor elements.

Wow-worthy Window Signage

We handled the printing and install of this second surface application on reverse printed clear adhesive vinyl, with color matching (a very light off-white branding color). Translation: we successfully matched the company branding and preferred colors for custom banners to be viewed by thousands of people!

More Reasons to Use Vinyl

  • Inexpensive
  • Weather-resistant
  • Options include matte, stain or gloss – you have a number of options for banners

There have been additional opportunities to assist this vertically integrated real estate investor and firm. Here are other items you may consider for your growing business (yes, we are boasting a little bit here; we just want you to know we provide all of these services!):

“Customer experience was excellent. We like to move quickly and so does the Cushing team.”

We’d love to hear more about your potential custom vinyl project. Connect with us through our quote form.

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