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Rise Interactive

An Office Installation for a Team Clearly on the Rise.

Learn more about how this leader boosted their office environment.

Rise Interactive Wall Graphic
Recent Recognition

Rise Interactive, a leading digital marketing agency founded in 2004, has seen explosive growth in recent years. The company attracts some of the best and brightest talent in the industry and its culture is one of the reasons Ad Age recently named it one of 50 Best Places to Work.

Workplace design has been a big piece of Rise’s culture and recent wall graphics printing have helped incorporate key parts of the brand’s identity into the space.

In The Reeds

Scott Conine, Rise Interactive’s Senior Vice President of Operations, was seeking a wall graphics company to assist with office branding. The very first Account Manager in the history of Rise (and with the organization since 2006), Scott was introduced to Cushing through Reed Construction. Prior to joining the agency, Scott was the youngest Senior Finance Manager at Dollar Rent a Car, reporting directly to the CEO and owner.

The office project was on the rise!

Success Graphic and Whiteboard Wall
Rising to the Challenge

A multi-faceted project, graphics we’re incorporated into conference rooms, open work spaces & several cozy nooks for staff to work away from the traditional desk.

Hanging out on the Patio

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Rise & Shine

Rise used the wall graphics as an opportunity to emphasize important parts of its culture and reinforce beliefs that are core to the company. Rise’s value – Respect, Innovation, Satisfaction, and Excellence – are incorporated into the design of four of the wall graphics. Branding is positioned so staff can view messaging from multiple vantage points.

Phrases and ideas in the graphics are related to the business and culture.

Matt Cushing and his team made all the tight deadlines work and they were just fantastic.”
Private Place for a Dry Erase

The open floor layout facilitates cross-team collaboration, but the office was deliberately designed in a way so that employees can find a work setup that suits their individual needs. Cubbies and booths allow for privacy, while standing desks are available throughout the office.  Pull back the drapes and there are cozy spots for an employee to get away, connect and a dry erase board with vinyl cut lettering to share ideas.

In smaller conference rooms, each wall is dressed with inspired messaging and company goals.

An Office Like No Other

There is even a serene setting (with hammock hanging from the ceiling!). A faux fence lines the wall, and employees get to escape to an island setting.

Pretty cool, huh?

In terms of special customization, the Rise creative team had large graphics which needed to wrap over doors and frames.

Lake Wall Graphic

Cushing succeeded where four other installation companies did not!

About Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive is a digital marketing agency specializing in media, analytics, and customer experience. The agency’s award-winning Interactive Investment Management approach uniquely helps clients connect data to decisions and stack up gains to yield exponential results.

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