Printelligence for Repeat Orders

Use a custom built portal to simplify orders and save time!
Repeat Orders

Are you a marketing or brand manager that supports a team with print graphics and materials? 

Spending too much time requesting pricing and sifting through emails?

With Printelligence, we’ve simplified your ordering process.

Custom Solution

How does it work? Tell us more about your project requirements.

For example, frequently order a mix of brochures, postcards, and privacy film? Perfect. Share the specifications, media, and dimensions. What’s next? We build product templates unique to your organization. Access your custom products online, from any browser, on any network, including mobile devices.

What's Inside Your Portal?

The user-friendly interface makes it simple to find and order the services you need, quickly and with ease.

Tiled product images let your procurement or marketing teams identify and place orders within a couple of clicks.

Benefits of Your Branded Portal

Here are some reasons to consider a portal for your business.

Interested to Hear More?

Let’s discuss your order needs and develop a custom solution for your organization. Your Cushing team is ready to assist.

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