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Woody Two Shoes

Woody Two Shoes 1 Thick Poster side view 300x224

Corrugated Wood Paper

Chip off the Old Wood Block

What is Wood Paper? And why should you consider printing on wood paper? In this series, we discuss where it comes from, who uses it and applying it to your next project.

Occasionally, the team receives questions about printing images on wood (and digital printing on wood).  We do offer these services but it is different than printing on wood paper.

Wood paper is derived from real wood (not reconstituted wood or wood pulp). It has paper backing, pressure sensitive adhesive backing, honeycomb board backing or film backing, in both sheets and continuous rolls.

Why Wood Paper?

Woody Two Shoes 2 Corrugated Wood Boxes 225x300

Wood Paper Packaing

How important is sustainability to your clients (or your product or service)?

Wood paper that Cushing uses is sourced primarily from Midwest states including Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and right here in Illinois (but reaches as far as Pennsylvania.)  It would be impossible to confirm if the log is harvested sustainably from a another country.

Logs that generate the wood paper we use are not chemically soaked or steamed prior to peeling. The only water in the process is for maintaining moisture in pre-peeled logs.

Since unprocessed and unheated ground water is used, it goes right back into the ground, without chemicals or coatings.

Woody Two Shoes 3 James Beam Distilling Bottle Label 225x300

Wood Paper Bottle Covering

What can be Printed to Wood Paper?

Just about anything you would do with “normal” paper; it is designed to support graphic communications, packaging and many items you might order from Cushing. As a digital printer, this paper works very well since we use fast and hard drying inks.

Wood paper doesn’t just present a unique design opportunity without functionality.  Finished products work with many layouts and design ideas.

They may not be far off from what you are currently doing with collateral.

Practical applications wood paper can be used for:

  • Signs, displays or labels
  • Business Cards, sales folders or presentation materials.
  • Wall Graphics and packaging
  • Branded iPhone cover/protectors
  • Gift Cards and direct mail

Who uses Wood Paper?

Graphic designers, small-to-medium size businesses owners, retail, hospitality, non-profits – this versatile material fits a host of industries. Any professional seeking to create a unique design without sacrificing functionality is a fit.
Unique wood grain patterns are distinctly different from sheet to sheet and roll to roll.  In

Woody Two Shoes 4 Brochures Using Wood Paper 300x225

Brochures Using Wood Paper

effect, the natural, authentic, wood grain patterns can be used as part of any artwork printed on the wood, making each piece made with wood unique in a way that paper printed to look like wood cannot provide.

Cushing can support your next project with sustainable, green real wood sheets.

If you have questions about printing on wood or using wood paper, use our quote form or call reach a print consultant at: 312.266.8228.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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