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A Professional Printern

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Grace Gorman started her year junior at the University of Dayton a couple of weeks ago. This past summer, she interned in the marketing department and quickly made an impact throughout the organization. We asked if she would sum up her experience and contribute a blog. 

This past summer I had an opportunity to dig in and assist the marketing department at Cushing. While my primary responsibilities include writing client case studies, updating the website using WordPress and resizing photos using Photoshop. However …

On my first day I was upstairs assisting the production department folding tri-fold brochures! It was fun.

A Professional Printern 1 Grace Packs Up and Folds on the First Day

While I only interned during the summer, my time spent has taught me more than I could ever have imagined. As a communications major with a marketing minor, I have taken plenty of classes on how to market a business or how to speak to potential clients, which is great. Sometimes it doesn’t compare to actual hands-on experience. For instance, within my first couple of weeks I was capturing pictures of client projects. Here is one of me at Be Leaf Salad. 

A Professional Printern 2 Grace Snaps photos Be Leaf

I have been able to get the hands on experience that I would not have gained in the class room! Not only have I learned so much thought working at Cushing, I have also met great people! The environment is always what makes a job more fun and here at Cushing I can honestly say the people are so welcoming, funny, and caring! They made a new employee and college student like me feel comfortable from the first day forward.

Through the guidance of Jon Davis, the marketing manager here at Cushing I have learned the “in’s and outs” of a position in the marketing field.  I am able to come out of this internship much more experienced and educated on my field of study. By the way, here’s one of the photos I took upstairs during my internship (that is also in one of the website photo galleries.)

A Professional Printern 3 Grace Gorman Small Format One1

I am going to go back to school in the fall and confident that I know much more about the marketing and communications field! From learning about website content to working in an office space, it was a lot of fun.

See you, I need to head back to class!

Grace Gorman

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