Quick Quote Guide: Corporate Branding Graphics

Please see below for information regarding corporate branding requests below.

The more information you can give us about your project, the more likely it is you will receive a fast, accurate quote. Please note that any project pricing listed below is for the project specified, to give you a general idea of  pricing. Please reach out to a sales rep for exact pricing.

Please note that we have a $35 minimum for all orders. Thank you for considering Cushing!


Sample Film Pricing for Quick Quote Guide
Privacy Film Estimate

In the image is approximately 80 square feet of contour cut privacy film. This is approximately $1,750 without installation. Ask us about installation options. The material is 3M Dusted Crystal Film and to achieve the design our team uses a technique called weeding.

Weeding costs vary based on your design. Please speak with a Cushing representative.

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Wall Graphics

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Turn Time

We ask for a minimum of two business days for most wide format color projects. Any large projects that require installation will require some extra time. We can provide a more accurate turn time for you after discussing your project.

Interior Wall Graphic Sample Pricing

For a 100 square foot interior wall graphic (straight wall graphic on drywall) printed to 3MIJ40 with a Matte Laminate the cost would be approximately $1,250

**This cost includes a local (downtown Chicago) non-union installation, not requiring a lift.

Signage and Permits

Chicago business considering exterior signage?

Find out whether your project requires a permit.

Storefront Window Graphic Sample Pricing

For a 22 square foot (including logo and white graphics beneath) storefront window graphic like this, cut from in-house vinyl, i.e. matte or glossy/black white vinyl the cost would be approximately $575

**This cost includes a local (downtown Chicago) non-union, first or second surface installation, not requiring a lift. Installations are weather dependent.

Foxtrot's Storefront Window Graphics
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If you don’t have this information, a phone call is best to determine scope of the project. We can do site surveys after discussing budget and assessing the scope/viability of your project.

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Line Height Visibility Chart
This handy reference chart will help you determine the readability of different letter heights at various distances.

This assumes that a sturdy typeface such as Helvetica or Futura Medium is being used.

These distances will vary by approximately 10% depending on what color combinations are used.

Prep Your Walls for a Successful Install

Here are some tips for a smooth installation.

Wall Graphics Preparation from The Cushing Team

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Our in-house installation team can handle projects large and small. Please let us know if your project requires installation services, or you would like to coordinate your own installation.

If your building requires union installers to set up your graphics, Cushing can arrange for a union installation.

Cushing Wall Graphic Install

Installing a full coverage wall graphic in Cushing's Sales Department.

Uploading Your File

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