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Quick Quote Guide: Corporate Branding Graphics

Please see below for information regarding corporate branding requests.

Remember, the more information you can give us about your project, the more likely it is you will receive a fast, accurate quote.

Please note that we have a $35 minimum for all orders.


Wall Graphics

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Line Height Visibility Chart
This handy reference chart will help you determine the readability of different letter heights at various distances.

This assumes that a sturdy typeface such as Helvetica or Futura Medium is being used.

These distances will vary by approximately 10% depending on what color combinations are used.


Our in-house installation team can handle projects large and small. Please let us know if your project requires installation services, or you would like to coordinate your own installation.

If your building requires union installers to set up your graphics, Cushing can arrange for a union installation.

Uploading Your File