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Revisiting a Remarkable Installation

Employer brand is a phrase that is tossed around quite a bit these days.

We even hosted a lunch and learn on the topic during our open house. But what is it exactly? Courtesy of the TalentLyft team, this sums it well:

Employer brand is a term referred to describe company’s reputation and popularity from a potential employer’s perspective and describes the values company gives to its employees.

Have you ever read through comments on Glassdoor or Comparably? The employee reviews from current and past employees can shape the perception of a company’s culture. Website ‘About Us’ pages can also impact employer brand. These offer content from company history to present-day office culture. Some include entire website sections dedicated to team bios.

In the offline world, environmental branding also makes a difference on employer brand. Graphics influence recruiting & retaining employees. How do we know? We hear this direct from clients as part of their project goals.

Revisiting a Remarkable Installation 2 HR Numbers

And more and more data enters the conversation, such as 86% of HR professionals saying recruitment is becoming more like marketing.

So we wanted to revisit a past project to find out if the branding still had a positive effect on the office and the team that works there.

Back in the Spotlight

McShane opened their new office with wall graphics to celebrate their team and culture. It’s been a couple of years since we wrote about the project. To revisit the mindset that shaped the project, we caught up with McShane’s marketing director, Josh Crankshaw.

How do you think environmental branding makes a positive impact in the overall work environment?

Would you rather live in a house with plain walls or have cool artwork up? It’s no different in the workplace. Graphics tell the story of a company instead of just plain white walls. People want to work in a ‘cool’ office. People want to feel welcome when they come to work.

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We are always thinking about employee well-being. For example, people may work late and get hungry. Stop by our kitchen and we’re going to have healthy snacks – graphics are part of the larger puzzle: creating a welcoming environment where people feel appreciated.  It definitely makes an impact. McShane was honored as a 2019 Crain’s Best Place to Work in Chicago and things like office design matter. Its part of an overall employee experience.

Revisiting a Remarkable Installation 4 Pillar Magnet Images McShane

McShane Team Members Recognized Inside the Office

How did you create buy-in or consensus to move forward with your project?

We had a lot of available real estate on our walls. The marketing team brainstormed a couple of ideas, including the bricks that were installed on the columns. It was construction-related and an opportunity to recognize our team who make this a great company – it wasn’t a hard sell. Once the concepts came together, leadership felt it was a good idea.


How did you decide to spotlight McShane team members on the office pillars? (was it a team decision?)

McShane is a family company and environment – it reinforces that ideal. Our people are important to us. They are part of our brand we wanted to create a tasteful feature to recognize them.

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Looking back almost three years later, what are some impacts the install has on the office?

It really makes a positive impact on guest tours. For both prospective clients and vendors. It’s captures who we are, our messaging and what we believe in. Our Leadership team frequently use the feature wall. It’s a great way to create dialogue with visitors.

SEE the original Spotlight

Thanks for reading and we hope you are staying safe and healthy! There are so many ways to create a warm welcome back for your team and we’d love to help!

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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