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You may have heard a rumor we are expanding our offerings by launching Sepia Studio, an in-house department for graphic design services.  The rumor is true! We wanted to drop you a line as we’re in a “soft launch” phase, to let you know we’re committed to complement the creative, brand messaging services you bring clients, employees, and industry partners.

Cushing-the-printer continues to offer expertise on layout, turn-times, budget, and substrate choices. That will never change. After twenty years of providing graphic imaging services to Chicago, we are frequently asked to help with design.  Now, we can say, confidently, YES! And we’ve discovered even creative customers appreciate help with some of the more tedious tasks, like making print-ready files, formatting borders, and more.

We encourage our design clients to lean on us to enhance your service offerings, however you would like to realize that, without affecting your client relationships. We have a talented crew, creating great things, but we are a humble bunch, happy to collaborate as silent partners in any shape or form.

I personally want you to know that.

Customer service has always been the foundation of Cushing’s business model. The addition of Sepia Studio doesn’t change that philosophy. We know you value good design; we’ve printed it!

We’re here to tell you: we do too.

Let’s continue to create great things together.

Thank you,

Joseph X. Cushing

CUSHING | Executive Vice President

213 West Institute Place, Suite 200 | Chicago, IL 60610
o: 312-266-8228 | d: 312-799-8330

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