Wayfinding at 213 W. Institute Place

With apologies to Fleetwood Mac, you can go your own way… as long as you design and install wayfinding signage. And finding your way around never looked so good.

Sepia Studio assisted with the design of lobby graphics and directional signage at 213 W. Institute Place, a commercial office space in River North.

Wayfinding is the perfect epitome of ‘form follows function’, and we are total fans of signage that serves its purpose and tells a story. The wayfinding signage for 213 W. Institute was designed to do just that – connect the history of the building with some modern tenant upgrades.

mid hallway signage
ADA sign

One of our favorite parts…


Built in 1888 for the Gormully & Jeffery Manufacturing Company, 213 West Institute was the home of the popular “Rambler” bicycle brand, which at the time was the second largest bicycle manufacturer in the United States.

stairwell bike
bike sign 2
mid hallway closeup

Branded elements in the hallways and stairwells celebrate the building history.

suite sign
lobby canvas
stairwell bike 2

If you’re considering adding wayfinding signage to your project, put on some shoes and walk the space, literally. Don’t forget about about tenant/suite signs, stairwell signs, hallway directionals, elevator directories, and lobby signage. And dare we say it – brand everything along the way.