*play toys and books

*play is an established toy store in Chicago that depends on solid branding representation in all of it’s retail interactions with their loyal customer base. The frequency of their design needs falls in quarterly pushes that reflect holiday campaigns and seasonal shifts.

A large component of the *play experience is a loyal social media following. Creating the occasional “designed” pieces sprinkled in with the owner’s organic posts gives both a curated and conversational style to the *play brand.

One important element of the retail quarterly brand rhythm is the Q4 holiday theme.

The holiday theme drives social media, is added to custom candles for valued customers, vendors, and employees, and sets the stage (literally) for the holiday display windows.

The retail year revolves around the holidays, but the rest of the year still calls for day to day marketing pieces that keep the *play brand consistent across all three stores. These items include stickers applied to each wrapped gift that leaves the store, rack cards included with shipped boxes, business cards, blank cards for employee recommendations in-store, and general day to day signage needed to keep communication easy and consistent for customers.

The occasional “special” project is needed along the way, such as a unique press-kit that we designed with 3 varying height “brand pages” and then article clippings inserted behind.