Five Signs It’s Time to Consider a Plotter

Outsourcing Printing Is Becoming Cost-Prohibitive

Has the volume of your printing increased to the point where it makes sense to keep this onsite? More important, if you are finding you are outsourcing numerous smaller orders, it may be time to consider a plotter. You may not realize how cost-effective owning a large format printer can be when bypassing order minimums and delivery fees. Additionally, tracking plots can be very useful for billing purposes – concise records are kept for each print, copy and scans. This alleviates any issues when it comes to clients reimbursing your company.

Scanners and Printers Taking Up Too Much Space (and too much time!)

Have a plethora of printers, scanners, faxes and copiers begun to take up every last inch of space (so the newest member of your team is working out of a broom closet?). Let’s not forget the IT department getting pulled away from vital installations to fill up machines throughout the building with various toner cartridges and equipment. Upgrade to a smaller footprint plotter-scanner to create space and let Cushing support give your IT department some relief.

You Need Higher Resolution Prints

Maybe the marketing team is having trouble proofing designs. Perhaps the operations department requires crisper imaging to make smart decisions. Whatever the need, you are finding higher resolution prints are imperative to getting projects complete. Many companies find their project demands, such as architectural and engineering renderings with multiple half toned images require a higher level of consistency and more up-to-date device. Color plotting internally will almost always be less expensive than outsourcing.

Spending Too Much Time Having Print Jobs Fulfilled

Staff members spending more time submitting print ready files to a vendor, waiting for proofs and sending approvals? It can be a real challenge and Cushing has assisted businesses in this situation – organizations who have had a shift in their output and simply cannot afford to lose time corresponding on a print project. If you are finding more and more of your time is email correspondence and phone calls to fulfill print jobs, there is a better way.

You Need Cost-Effective Solution for Printing and Scanning Large Format Color Plots

It’s just the right time. Picture this: Your subs or field workers are onsite and need to scan a color drawing. They may be under the impression the only option is to use monochrome ink. Think about how much more impact and detail the drawing would have in color or to capture a scan in color, to email along to the team!! It’s easier to tell where changes have been completed and markings in color are much more visible.