Social Media Design

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. 

Not just for sharing photos of your lunch anymore. From interactive GIF’s to infographics, let’s elevate your social creative strategy.  

Face the Facts
Don’t be meme. According to Statista, over 3.6 billion people used social media in 2020. That number is poised to exceed four billion in 2025. So, chances are your company has social presence. But is your social media creative aligned with your content marketing?  

Lively Landscape 
Social Media feeds move fast.  You need creative that connects. No matter if your goals are organic engagement or paid reach, you are in the right place. Write copy to engage your followers. We’ll design graphics that get shared, liked, and most importantly: convert fans into customers. 

There is no one size fits all design strategy in social. We’d love to understand your business and goals. For instance: 

  • Established brand looking to refresh your social presence? 
  • Start-up or entrepreneur that does not have an in-house creative staff? 
  • Existing company looking to launch a new service offering or product? 

Or none of the above? That’s OK as no scenario is the same. And your creative shouldn’t be. Count on consultation and ideas that are unique to your business and objectives. 

What do we offer?
Sure, we can design cover images for Facebook or LinkedIn. However, we offer much more. So, if your social strategy is to encourage engagement and content sharing, we can help. 

Has your research team uncovered a statistic unique to your industry. Don’t bury it deep in your website. Infographics are an effective way to encourage social media shares. 

Event Promotion 
Virtual events are up one thousand percent since the start of COVID-19. No matter the platform you post on, competition to drive attendance is up. From Eventbrite images to visuals on Twitter, we can design event creative that attracts attendees. 

Podcast templates
Recorded an incredible interview? From Spotify to Apple Podcasts, consumers have many places to listen online. And when they search these platforms, there is no guarantee they will find your content. One solution to stand out? Custom podcast covers that get seen in search results. And encourage clicks and new audience members. 

Socially Acceptable
Let’s talk process. For any design work, we want you satisfied. As we work into the proof phases, you’ll have the opportunity to share feedback and request edits. We welcome feedback and your thoughts.

Work with Amanda

Amanda Eich is one of Sepia Studio’s lead strategists and graphic designers. Ready to take your brand efforts to the next level?

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