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St. Printer’s Day

With St. Patrick’s day celebrations in full swing, did you spot all the printing and promotion?

Leading up to the special day, bars, clubs and restaurants post flyers and shamrocks to promote parties, specials and spread the Chi-rish spirit .

Even with green beer goggles, there is no escaping the banners, flags and flurry of posters. Printed materials, and one very special concoction, are impossible to ignore when Chicago celebrates the Feast of St. Patrick.


The Author Enjoys St. Patrick’s Day

Pot O’ Promotions
Searching for gold at the end of the rainbow?

Save money and get lucky with promotional offers. Retailers distribute discount coupons so you can purchase that Irish Football shirt you’ve always wanted.

Restaurants and bars have menu tents and table coasters listing Guinness and Whiskey specials (and of course, delicious corned-beef and cabbage.)

Wake up early to brave the lines; you might walk away with printed beer koozies and other swag.

The Wearin…. Dyin of the Green

I make it a point to go to the dyeing of the Chicago River to see that incredible shade of green.  A tradition over 43 years, it’s the color is identical to lush greens of Ireland, from where it got its name “The Emerald Isle.” Shrouded in secrecy, we know the mixture contains about 40 lb of environmentally friendly dye.

Chicago River Dyed Green (Nope, not ink!)

Chicago River Dyed Green (Nope, not ink!)

If Cushing received this request, it would be a lot of blue and yellow ink!

According to production staff, potentially over a million total gallons.

A Bit-O Shamrocks

Walking River North, shamrock decals adorn just about every window.  People don’t always go all out for the die cut shamrock shaped hang tags, although that would be pretty awesome.  Almost forgot all the decals and stickers!

Now I know where all these t-shirts come from! Each year, seems hundreds

Special Promotions Are Always In Order on St. Patrick's Day

Special Promotions Are Always In Order on St. Patrick’s Day

(and variations) escape the bottom of the dresser. Along with printed buttons, hats, bandanas and arm bands, of course. The shirt I proudly wear each year says “I’m Not Short, I’m Leprechaun Size”—True.

When Irish Eye’s Are Smiling …..You Know They Just Spotted Some Cool Signage.

St. Paddy’s Day celebrations are a big deal for Chicagoans, and we’re lucky enough to have not one but three St. Patrick’s Day parades. Whether on the Northwest side watching the Irish dancers, downtown at the dyeing of the Chicago River or on the South Side cheering on the Emerald Isle Mile runners, green blankets the city.


Banner Signage at the Parade

Flyers with little leprechauns line the streets. Printed or homemade, people carry posters and signs wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Marching leaders are carrying print vinyl banners in front of Irish dancers. Everywhere you look there’s green signage.

It’s going to be very cold tonight so don’t forget your cap, button up that cable knit sweater, take a wee bit of Irish “cheer” and remember, if you’re lucky enough to be Irish you’re lucky enough!

What types of interesting print materials did you see at the parade and around Chicago this year? Share with us in the comments below!

Valerie Solver

Valerie is Cushing’s Senior Marketing Coordinator and has been with Cushing over five years, starting off in the Accounting Department, ultimately deciding to major in Marketing at DePaul University. The Problem ‘Solver’ manages Cross Media Campaign development among other duties. Out of the office, Valerie is doing yoga, trying out new restaurants, spending time among family and friends while enjoying the city life. Click here to see her Google

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