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Alex Guzman

Color Digital Operator

Alex is here to make sure your project goes smoothly! As Color Digital Operator, he’s the one who will review your file, make sure everything looks great and prints your order before sending to the finishing department.

Where is your favorite place in Chicago?
So many options! Restaurant, I want to say Xoco, but deep down I know it’s Kuma’s. The Art Institute is always a good time, and checking out a concert at Northerly Island rocks

Describe your most memorable Cushing experience.
I’ve been with Cushing for a short time, and there are several memorable projects that jump out. A very fun experience that comes to mind was our Valentine’s day treats exchange. It was very … Sweet!

What is your favorite type of music? 
Favorite band, that’s a tough one. There is a definitely a top five, here it goes: The Beatles (Cliché?), Radiohead, The Smiths, Cafe Tacuba, Wu-Tang Clan. Definitely very open to which type of music I’m in to.