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Antoinette Viola

Color Project Manager

Color Project Manager Antoinette has a passion for photography and the arts (she even doubles as a photo editor/art director for a magazine publication) and it shows in her work! When she’s not setting up files, color matching or editing, you might find her listening to Arianna Grande or exploring any one of Chicago’s many museums. Bubbly, talkative and kind, your project is in good hands with Antoinette!

What is an interesting fact that we don’t know about you?
I am a Fine Art photographer. My work explores gender performance and femininity. I am working the Chicago contemporary gallery scene and hope to push my work further, gaining gallery representation someday!

Describe your most memorable Cushing experience.
Honestly, every day is a great day to be working at Cushing… as corny as that sounds, it’s very true! No one is a stranger here. I sit between Conor who sings and talks to himself and cracks me up all day; and Julia, the sweetest, smiliest, giggliest mentor there is. Everyone checks up on everyone, offering their help. You head back to large format printing and are greeted with Mariano’s and Luis’ jokes, Wyatt’s calm and smiley demeanor. You walk through to the business side of Cushing and are greeted with laughs and smiles. Everyone is so personable! Cushing is honestly just one huge smile- everyone has a positive attitude and treats you like family. It is a very lively environment, not your typical office job whatsoever. And then we work on printing graphics all day long! Problem solving, geeking out about colors and designs. It’s a pretty rad job!!

What is your favorite part of working at Cushing?
The work environment! Cushing is the most welcoming family. I also love, appreciate, and am inspired by art as a language, so working with visuals on a day to day basis is incredible!

Where is your favorite place to go in Chicago?
My favorite free days are spent at museums and local bars with friends and family (or at my studio working on my own art practice). Any dive bar atmosphere with beautiful ambient lighting and mid-century vibes are my favorites. I have many, many more to explore! Favorite restaurant would be Lou Malnati’s for deep dish or any station in Eataly! All the Italian yumminess!