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Erik Reczek

Senior Sales Project Manager

What are your duties and responsibilities at Cushing?
As a Customer Service Representative who has been at Cushing almost 9 years, I do everything from entering daily customer orders, setting up large and small format color orders to generating price quotes. And I’m a self-proclaimed all-around print knowledge guru. I also handle ordering and sourcing materials daily.

How would a Cushing client describe working with you?
A little fun, charismatically chaotic with a side of “Oh No.”

What are your top 3 favorite films?
Pretty much anything by Christopher Nolan. He has directed at least 3 right?

What is your favorite part of Chicagoland?
It’s Chicago…what else can I say?


“Erik Reczek — he is the best! He has helped me a ton as I get started in a new position and he always turns my orders around immediately. He is super patient, kind and always helpful. I love working with him. My banners always turn out great thanks to his expertise.”

Kristen, LaSalle Street Church