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Erik Reczek

Senior Sales Project Manager

Briefly describe your day to day duties.

Managing ongoing projects and assist the sales team where needed, as well as maintaining clients daily work that comes through.

What is your favorite video game / board game?

Currently – Animal Crossing. Been playing a game called Destiny though on and off since 2014, so I’d say that would be my all time favorite.

If you could see any band in concert, at any point in history, who would it be?

Wow this is a tough one. Maybe Ministry circa 1988-89 for the Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste tour?

What hobbies do you have that help you stay productive outside of work?

Playing too many video games. When I put that down, I dabble in writing music on my ipad.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

Doing absolutely nothing. Sitting on the couch without a care in the world makes me happy.

What is your most used emoji?


All-time favorite movie?

Oh gosh. I can’t really choose a all-time favorite, so many good ones out there! One of my favorite of the last 20 years would be Primer.

If you could sell/produce more of any service we offer, what would it be and why?

Wall graphics for sure. Its amazing to see the art, see it on the material when its printed and then finally see it transform the space it gets put up in. Can’t stress enough how much this stuff really makes an impact when done right!

What made you choose your current career?

It kind of found me. I worked for many years doing digital retouching on photography in various capacities. I needed a change and left that industry for this one on a whim! Glad I made the jump and had the chance to work with so many wonderful people and companies over the years at Cushing.

If your coworkers had to vote you best, most improved, or most likely to do something, what would it be?

I like to think I’ve changed quite a bit over the past few years and have become a much mellower person overall. I know some of my long time co-workers can agree with this!

What’s something you’ve learned since joining the Cushing team?

I would say what HAVEN’T I learned? Its amazing what knowledge I’ve packed into my head since joining the team in 2006. I came into this industry knowing nothing and am constantly learning still after 14 years.

What motivates you to go to work each day?

Knowing I need to be there to help out clients and make deadlines. I take a certain pride in what I do and feel the need to always be available to assist those in need.

Most interesting or funniest thing that’s happened since you’ve been at Cushing?

Funniest was coming in on a Monday in December of 2018 and seeing my entire desk wrapped in Star Wars wrapping paper for sure. I was pretty speechless. Most interesting would be getting to work with Shawn Smith over at Twisted Hippo Brewing on some wall covering for their bathrooms and banners for the bar area. I am a huge gamer and used to read a magazine called EGM based out of Lombard when I was growing up, Shawn used to write and review games for it and also created a cool little company called Shawnimals. Was a fun project and was great to meet him!

“Erik Reczek — he is the best! He has helped me a ton as I get started in a new position and he always turns my orders around immediately. He is super patient, kind and always helpful. I love working with him. My banners always turn out great thanks to his expertise.”

Kristen, LaSalle Street Church