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Jake Hellman

Graphics Project Manager

With a background in graphic design, Jake makes sure small format jobs are printed exactly to your specifications. If he’s not printing a job, you might find him listening to The Flaming Lips while fixing one of our machines. Intelligent and hard working, your order is in safe hands with Jake!

Describe your most memorable Cushing experience. 
It’d have to be the one project I’m working on now. Getting together some wall art featuring the Seurat’s painting A Sunday on La Grande Jatte for the office here. And it has this nice fading in effect to stretch across the whole wall.

What is a hidden talent/hobby that you have? 
I have and can ride a unicycle.

Where is your favorite place in Chicago?
Having recently moved, I haven’t been to many places yet. The lakefront is always quite the site.  The last music venue I’ve been, Chopin Theater, was a real delight.