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What does an App called Color Do?

In the past 48 hours I have read three articles about a Social Media/Photo sharing application called Color. It would be silly for me to try to describe it, but I will link you up with the articles: The Chicago Tribune article was published in the Business section on March 24; John Cronin Tweeted a link to an article about the domain name changing hands; and there was an article in Mashable online today.  If you have the time to read these links you will know everything that I know.  And maybe you will understand it’s “post-PC” appeal.

The frequent incidence of this mention is somewhat random – I have been nursing a mild case of the flu and reading more than usual. But the idea behind this app is really something that I would never have imagined, much less invested in. They are heavily capitalized – no doubt by people with more imagination than me – and clearly running with the idea that people want to find and feel connections no matter whether they are in proximity to people they actually know. The very powerful capabilities of the smart phones powered by iPhone or Android will allow the application to “find” people with whom to share pictures, videos, comments based on their physical proximity to the user.

The idea that using the Smartphone in your hand to do what you might have previously done with eye contact and dialogue seems counter-intuitive to me.

Perhaps this is where the generational divide is starting to kick in. I confess that I have always imagined that personal electronic devices were designed to narrow the gap between people who want to communicate with other people that they know. This shift seems to anticipate that users could use an application to actually “find” people that were previously unknown to them to share pictures, videos, or comments with. Would they be the audience of a boring lecture; fellow travelers waiting for a delayed flight?

I guess that I need to keep my ears and mind open about this mode of communication. Clearly other people are jumping on the bandwagon!

Cathie Cushing Duff

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