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When Less is More

Need for Speed
Do you remember … say about fifteen minutes ago … when in order to have something printed, you had to either hand deliver the image or, God forbid, send it through the United States Postal Service?

Aren’t you glad those days are over?

With today’s digital workflows, and the ease of transporting information through the Interwebs, submitting your files for printing is as fast as your network connection, and that of your print provider, will allow.

For Cushing, that means constantly monitoring and improving our online presence and infrastructure to support the speed and reliability you need to get your work done.

It has become, in no uncertain terms, the circulatory system of our organization.

Whether you send us work through email, FTP transfers or our Web Upload and Color Order Wizard utilities, it is vital that document submission is smooth, effortless and always available.

Banding Together
For today’s ever-increasing digital demands, the name of the game is “bandwidth”. Whether you’re binge streaming Game of Thrones or pushing around gigabyte-sized 3-D renderings, the pipes to the Internet can never be big enough.

How quaint it now seems to think of transferring whole encyclopedia’s of data through decades old copper wire telephone technology. When you needed more bandwidth you had to bundle more copper and before you knew it your basement wiring closet looked like this:

When Less is More 1 Some Unknown Wiring Closet Somewhere e1407248227974

Some Unknown Wiring Closet Somewhere


Nowadays, if you really want to keep up with the Joneses, you have to be investing in Fiber channel circuitry. With data rate capabilities of up to 4 Gbps, Fiber enables companies to scale their bandwidth as demand dictates.

If you need a bigger pipe because Breaking Bad is on Netflix in 4K, you make a call to your ISP, and the magic happens without the need for additional wiring or equipment. Now your wiring closet looks like this:



Fiber Channel Port at Cushing

Fiber Channel Port at Cushing

With our recent upgrade to a 20 Mbps Fiber channel circuit connected directly to AT&T’s Opt-E-MAN switched Ethernet service, we now have the advantage of a 24/7 monitoring service along with the scalability to adapt to our customer’s growing demands.

With this upgrade to Fiber, we’re in a much better position to reliably and efficiently support all your digital submissions to Cushing. And when you’re ready for us to print that floor-to-ceiling wall mural of Kanye and Kim’s wedding pictures,
feel free to send us the files.

We’ll have them printed for you in no time.

See you soon,

David Parkes – Director of Information Technology – Cushing


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