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Who’s Your Caddy?

Scanned Ryder Cup MenuWhat began as an easy par-three-project turned out to be one of the most memorable and interesting print jobs I have ever worked on since joining Cushing.

And it was almost as challenging as crawling out of a sand trap.

Rosewood Restaurant called with a request to have a special menu scanned and duplicated. For the most part, a majority of scanning projects are simple.  While gathering the details from my new contact, I could tell this printed piece was a bit more complicated.

From the sound of it, the piece was completely offset with spot aqueous coating (a fancy way of saying the piece had a finished look), some embossed areas as well as a custom die cut. We scheduled a time for Mr. Diaz to drop it off at the office to take a closer look.

The day of our appointment, I came out to greet Mr. Diaz, we shook hands, he handed me the menu and …

My jaw dropped.

In my hands was The Official 2012 Ryder Cup pre-dinner menu with ALL individual participant signatures from both the United States and Europe.

Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods
Rory McIlroy
Davis Love III
Phil Mickelson,
Graeme McDowell
Matt Cushing (sorry, I started daydreaming)

The signatures were real and the list went on and on…

I thought someone had knocked me in the head with a Titlelist. Was I really holding this incredible Holy Grail of golf memorabilia?

After catching my breath, I asked if he understood how awesome this menu was and if he was OK with me even holding it! I assured him that during the replication process, the original would only be in my possession, locked safely in my desk (but I really wanted to hang it up in my apartment!).

This was a very delicate project. The production process took extra time, additional steps and care since we had to copy the back of one menu (including the golfer’s signatures) and the front of the other menu (with the restaurant owner’s signature).

After using our cruise scanner to scan, we created a hi-resolution file and had to ensure when printed digitally they would align correctly – no easy task – all while having the same effects as the aqueous coating.

Margin for error did not exist – the piece was truly original – and as far as we knew, there was no other type of autographed menu in existence.

Most importantly, we had to make sure the signatures still looked authentic.

When Mr. Diaz picked up his replications of the menu along with the original, he could have not been happier with the finished product. He was appreciative of the time, effort, and detail Cushing put into it.

Check out the picture above – I’m proud to say the replications mirror the look of the original – you almost cannot tell them apart.

To me that is a Hole-in-One project!

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Matt Cushing

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