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Enter The Purly Gates

Purls, landing pages, QR codes… have you entered the realm of science fiction? If you have ever thought about multi-touch marketing and growing your business, it’s time to step inside the ROI (return on investment) zone.

Toys to Avoid Noise

Smartphones, handheld devices, library books (OK, we threw in that last one…

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What does an App called Color Do?

In the past 48 hours I have read three articles about a Social Media/Photo sharing application called Color. It would be silly for me to try to describe it, but I will link you up with the articles: The Chicago Tribune article was published in the Business section on March…

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Large Format Imaging – NOW

Let’s say for the sake of discussion that “large format” images are larger than 12 inches by 18 inches – bigger than the average high speed copier can print. And further, to clarify, all of the technology available for reproduction of documents smaller than 12 x 18 is interesting, but…

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Concentrating on Visual Communications

I bounce between wanting to know how technology is affecting my business and wanting to get my own message out!  As you may remember from earlier posts, we are wrestling with the elevator speech.  We aren’t just for blueprints anymore: we provide very sophisticated Internet architecture to clients who need…

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Send in the Clouds (Part Two)

Okay, now I KNOW that you have seen the “To the Cloud” commercials – people in airports, department stores, and traffic jams, etc. all working seamlessly on computers that know everything they need to and respond instantly.  I wrote recently about storing your data in the Cloud so that it…

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Paperless doesn’t mean printless . . .

If we aren’t going to print on as much paper based media, does that mean we aren’t going to use print to communicate?  Of course not!

 A recent Mashable article described a company in New York that is exploring technology to put print media into the hands of electronic readers in…

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