3D Laser Scanning Services

Use 3D laser scanning for efficient planning, design, and renovations.

Surveyor uses laser scanning on a job site.

Here’s How 3D Laser Scanning Services Work 

It’s the process of analyzing an environment such as a warehouse, building, related structure, or object. The laser scanner creates “point-clouds” of data from the surface of an object. You can use this data can then be used to create 3D models of existing real estate, to a degree of exact detail that is hard to match. This can be used to be a digital model that can be brought into various softwarapplications such as a photograph, a PDF file, 2D Autocad vector file or interactive 3D model. 

Laser Scanning reduces risks, let’s you design with confidence, and most importantly: helps you avoid change orders that cost you time and money.

Female Technician Laser Scanning a Job Site.

Don’t let your building project get delayed because of uncertainty. 3D laser scanning and modeling eliminates those issues. How? Imagine having a robust, interactive 3D visual of a structure or construction site prior to a project. Easily Create asbuilt Revit models for BIM Modeling or Autocad files to begin your design.

Shannon Raht of Cynergy Systems
“David Parkes and other members of the Cushing team took the time to understand our laser scanning needs and provided a service and product above my expectations. I plan to use them for another project I have in their area in the future”

Use scanning to gather accurate data for engineering and construction projects. 

With over 90 years serving the Chicago construction community, our job is to stay a building block ahead. Trust your Cushing team for high-quality 3D laser scanning services and project management in Chicagoland.  

Reviewing an Exterior Laser Scan.
Imagine being able to catch problems before a project begins

The existing conditions of a facility can be accurately and completely documented prior to the start of any design or construction project. Even better, how often are your teams struggling to satisfy the owner’s requirement for as-builts, in order to close out a project, get paid the final retainage, and move onto the next project?

This visual, tagged with meta-data using VizBuilt (R) tools is the ideal product for your owner’s team of facility managers to operate the facility. This will allow your team to warranty your work, revisit the building remotely to solve issues that come up in future months, allowing your team to move onto the next projects.

Cushing’s 3D scanner uses a technology called LiDar (pronounced Lie-dar), which stands for Light Detection and Ranging.

How does it work? Lasers are used to emit light waves into the environment, which then bounce off surrounding surfaces and return to a sensor. This LiDar sensor uses the time it takes for each pulse to return to calculate distance (time of flight).

Each of these pulsed laser measurements, or returns, can be processed into a 3D visualization known as a ‘point cloud’. These point clouds can be used to create 3D models of all types of structures such as a historic hotel, office hallways, or a parking garage.  They can also be used to create accurate floor plans and measure floor levelness.

Use scanning to quickly and accurately capture the existing conditions of a building.

You can accurately and completely document the existing conditions of a facility prior to the start of any design or construction project.


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Why Should You Consider 3D Laser Scanning Services? 

Scanning captures data that unveils inaccuracies for troubleshooting. This saves time, money, and costly changeorders. You can collect data on building projects and structures, no matter the shape or size to plan more efficiently.  This replaces, or at the very least, complements the exercise of costly (imperfect) field verification by your skilled design/construction professionals. 

Scanning Review on Job Site

Use scanning to capture exact, existing conditions. Included below is related reading from the team at Constructor Magazine. An Engineering Design firm recommended 3D scans for a historical building renovation.  One hundred year old steel was going to be used to uphold the new design:
3D laser scanning prevents a historic hotel renovation in San Diego from being delayed.

Laser Scanning Being Used In Construction.

Scans exposed a poor structure that would not have been strong enough to hold the floor load of the planned design. They learned they had to buy more steel, costing a few thousand dollars, but saving well over $30 Million in change orders.

Are architects able to make use of 3D scans? 

Absolutely. Laser scanning can be used for site documentation or to create design models. Scanning captures accurate views of structural elements such as piping, HVAC, and plumbing. It minimizes the time your team needs to model existing conditions and allows them to focus on design. 

Real Estate brokers love 3D VizBuilt scanning

virtual tours allow them to show off their beautiful office via email, to encourage a physical tour of potential renters to see the new space! Also if a landlord or developer is responsible for getting renovations completed, also known as “base-building” work before a tenant moves in, laser scanning can uncover anything that to be addressed prior to the work.

Laser Scanning Reveals piping and mechanicals in a room.
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From general contractors to engineers, laser scanning empowers professionals in the business of building. You can make decisions in real-time from remote locations, with access to these files. Let’s work together.

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