3D Scanning Services

LOOKING TO BUY or rent a Matterport SCANNER? Prefer our team to perform a scan using our own Matterport or Trimble scanner? LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO FIND THE RIGHT SOLUTION for your project!

3D Scanning Solutions
3D scanning captures existing site conditions with photographic imagery and point cloud data for highly accurate and detailed space analysis and collaboration.

Having this data readily available at the start of a project saves time, money, and costly change–orders.

Cushing works with two types of 3D scanners: Trimble and Matterport. Let’s find the right solution for you!
Matterport Scanners

Cushing is proud to be the first distributOr of Matterport scanners in Chicago.

Matterport digital twins are ideal for 2D and 3D walk-throughs of a project space through high-resolution photography that allows the end user to visualize a facility without leaving their home or office. With Cushing as your Matterport provider, you can purchase a scanner, rent a scanner, or hire us to scan a space for you.

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Trimble Scanners
For use indoors or outdoors, Trimble scanners are ideal for capturing as-built and existing conditions where highly accurate measurements are needed.
Using LiDAR technology, Trimble 3D laser scans can be processed into point clouds, which can then be used to create both 2D CAD drawings and BIM models for use in Autodesk Revit or other 3D modeling applications. With Cushing as your provider, we can scan your space, convert your scans, and even set up a closeout deliverable for your project.

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Cushing's Offerings
Cushing offers two different 3d scanning solutions, depending on the end use. Not sure which is right for you?

Let’s compare:

Shannon Raht of Cynergy Systems
“David Parkes and other members of the Cushing team took the time to understand our laser scanning needs and provided a service and product above my expectations. I plan to use them for another project I have in their area in the future”
Incorporate a 3D Scan in your next Closeout document
Closeout doesn’t need to be a headache. Partner with Cushing to provide an organized, intuitive deliverable to your owner and their Facility Management team. This tool helps general contractors automate the process of requesting, collecting, and organizing of construction documents for a closeout deliverable. You can even include a 3D scan!

Cushing’s Closeout Solution

Your Trusted Partner For 3D Scanning

From general contractors to engineers, 3D scanning empowers professionals in the business of building. You can make decisions in real-time from remote locations, with access to these files. Let’s work together.

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