Managed Print Services

We know your time is precious. Through the RMX Network and leading technology suppliers, we can consult on solutions that won’t outpace your budget. Browse affordable web based services and software applications to keep your workflow under control. We’ll help you keep the focus on your business goals.

PageWide 8000 XL - New Technology at Cushing

From rush orders to printing up to 30 color posters in one minute, the PageWide 8000 XL brings an incredible level of quality to your construction drawings and so much more.

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Traditional Architectural Engineering and Construction Printing
“The equipment Cushing has placed in our office raised the bar for what we could produce in-house. Throughout installation and upkeep, their team has incorporated our existing processes and helped us improve the workflow, giving us exactly what we need to support ourselves and our clients.”
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Meet the Cushing team!

Sometimes my (others in this building) requests can have impossible timeframes; however, Bruce always seems to make the tasks and timeframes possible and not only completes the tasks on time, but does it with respect and a smile. I’m very grateful he is on your staff and Cushing should be too!