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Aces in the Hole

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As August comes to a close, it is our pleasure to congratulate the ACE Mentor Program team in Chicago. Since 1995, the ACE Mentor Program has introduced students, particularly minorities, women and low-income populations, to careers in the architecture, construction and engineering industry.

During a twelve week Summer Design Build Campaign, an incredible team of ACE students (with the support and assistance of their adult leaders), built an outdoor terrace and classroom space for Santa Lucia Grade School.   Within this group photo are future star architects, engineers and construction professionals.

Aces in the Hole 2 Santa Lucia Final photos Group of participants1


The grade school is located on the south side of Chicago, in the Bronzeville neighborhood.  The project (which the students have affectionately named ‘Giardino’) provides a glimpse into the budding talent of these ambitious young professionals. Not only did the students create a beautiful space, it brought together some pretty amazing kids for a teambuilding exercise that is impossible to ignore.

Aces in the Hole 3 The Project Comes Together1

Executive Vice President Joe Cushing has been an ACE Mentor Program board member for many years and Cushing is proud to be a print sponsor.  We hope you’ll visit the ACE Mentor Program website and visit these additional sponsor companies making it all possible:

Wight & Company
Smith Gill
Gensler Chicago

Aces in the Hole 4 Santa Lucia Final Students Working Together1

Learn more about the summer project and the ACE Mentor Program, at the link below:
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  1. Coleman  

    I was apart of this amazing group! The experience was really fun and awarding! if anyone wants to join I strongly agree.

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