Closeout Docs

Automate the process of requesting, collecting, and organizing all types of construction documents for your closeout deliverable.

What is Closeout Docs and Who Benefits from it?

It significantly reduces time to close out your project.  

How does this work? You open up files in the cloud, invite your subs to add their files into their folders. The software automates email reminders so subs send their outstanding documents.  The software keeps you updated on the progress.  

General Contractors, we can help you simplify the construction closeout process. Cushing offers a cost-effective, interactive solution that can include any type of digital data in your close out package.

The good news? No manual work needs to be completed by the contractor.

Ready for simple closeout workflow? This is the end of “Outlook and Excel – based Close out” with 500 emails having to be repeatedly sent over & over to subs.

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Complement Your Project Management Software

Are you using elaborate Project Management software, like Procore, CMIC, Building Connected?

Closeout Docs is the perfect solution to produce your close out package and attach it to your client portal.  This makes life much easier for facility managers.  

For more detailed buildings with significant MEP this can include 3D scans, videos, images, and more. We can provide the 3D Point Cloud as-built scans! See short videos embedded here:


Warranties or BIM documents can be added and linked in digital files. You can easily provide close out documents to customers with a thumb drive or mobile device. There’s no need for stacks of folders and paper 


GCs get paid faster.
Clients get superior closeout books.
Customer comes back to you for the next project. 

Closeout docs reduces the need for frustrating spreadsheets, endless phone calls, countless email searches, and tedious file management. No more cumbersome binders, closeout docs delivers all files in a neatly indexed flash drive, hard drive or secure online account.


Closeout Docs eliminates the need for:

  • Updates to spreadsheets to track subs uploading their required documents
  • Cumbersome email follow-ups to subs for owed items
  • Manual reporting of contractor progress in a single spreadsheet
  • Being at at a desk or computer
  • Manual scanning (Cushing can produce)
  • Additional hardcopy or electronic media (Cushing can produce)

Take the headache out of close out to keep facility owners and their teams happy.

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Closeout docs is a critical time saver.

Who has time or wants to send constant follow-up email reminders? Hint: No one! With closeout docs, there is no need to send reminders to your subs.

Once contact information for the sub is in the system, close out docs automates email outreach to alert them to any documents that are owed or needed. Closeout docs automatically alerts subcontractors about document due dates via email and informs the project manager when a submission is made.

The system even generates progress reports so you can instantly see a snapshot.

No New Credentials

It is a pain to keep track of so many usernames and password credentials. 

With closeout documents, subs do not need log in details to upload files. Access a simple, one-click upload for documents directly from email alerts. No need to type in yet another username and passwordFeel confident sharing documents securely, without risk of files being compromised. 

Once subs share files, project managers and admins immediately receive email alerts. This tool is even simpler for a subcontractor’s workflow because they upload directly from the email they receive.

Reminders are automatically sent to people who owe you documents. Alerts continue until the last document from each sub is submitted and approved.

Document Delivery

The system then creates a searchable database indexed by trades, document categories, and project contacts.

Sort documents and contacts the way you want them. Once closeout is complete, select download and all files are compressed and organized into an e-book direct to flash drive. 

Get Closeout Under Control

Schedule time with your Cushing team to learn more. Or if you’re ready to get started with the closeout docs program, we’re ready to hear from you.

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