Closeout Documents for Construction Projects

automate the process of requesting, collecting, and organizing construction documents for a closeout deliverable.

For more detailed buildings with significant MEP this can include 3D scans, videos, images, and more. We can provide the 3D Point Cloud as-built scans! Watch our short, 2 minute videos embedded here:
Imagine providing a Seamless, organized, intuitive deliverable to your owner and their Facility Management team. This view is organized by trades, and the database recognizes which company provided each document.

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Additional views of this portal (scroll down) make any document or digital image available in just two clicks!

Close out set up made easy

Select by trade and include subfolders required for each trade


Download a simplified, reusable Excel file to layout your folder structure, list names of subs, points of contact, and submit to Cushing to set up your portal!

No data entry required

Check out this industry publication that describes how best to close out projects.
How to avoid three major mistakes with the closeout process.

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Get to the core of your problem: make this easy for your subcontractors!

Document retrieval is made easy for you and your subs:
The system’s automated communication schedule is set by you, in advance.

You will identify when subs begin receiving notices, and the frequency of their reminders. Subs who leave the jobsite early will get their alerts earlier, while the details of their contracts are fresh in their minds and on their desktops. …and don’t worry! their information is stored within the Close out Docs portal for you.
NOBODY enjoys keeping track of separate log-in credentials. Not an issue here. Subs respond to an email directed to them, requesting a simple drag & drop instruction into THEIR folders
While your close out administrator will receive notice that files have been uploaded, and ready for approval.


Your PM views this simple table to identify who responded (in real time)


The Deliverable, with Cushing’s help, and no ongoing subscription fees, is the IDEAL, relational database for finding any documentation. Alternate views make every document available in two clicks, and clear view of subcontractor contacts
Add your own categories 
Include important contact information 
Safety plans
that will help FM Teams seek out
Lien releases
the subs on this job for years to come
Contract documents
material suppliers


Cushing can:

☑ Scan documents required by contractors.
☑ Add subcontractors to the database.
☑ Fill out the portal and subcontractor info for the gc.
☑ Print a set of drawings.
3D high res VizBuilts® walk through’s allow a conscientious GC to add value to the project by adding tagged 3D photos/video to immediately pull up the user manuals, warranties, how-to videos, O&M Manuals. Anything you need.

Click Here to See a Vizbuilt Video

Complement Your Project Management Software

Are you using Project Management software, like Procore, CMIC, or Building Connected?

Closeout Docs is the perfect complement to produce your close-out deliverable and attach it to your client portal.  This makes life much easier for facility managers.  

Get Closeout Under Control

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