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Cordos Construction Parking Garage

Looking for that perfect parking spot…or should we say signage?

We’ve all used them. Ever wonder about the directional signs in parking garages or graphics outside the elevators?

Project Manager: Various Team Members
Print Consultant: Mike Sherkey
Photos: Mike Sherkey
Writer: Jon Davis

On the Hunt

When you are hunting for a spot, wouldn’t it be great to be pointed in the right direction? With millions of people frequenting parking garages each day, don’t let outdoor wayfinding signage get lost in the shuffle.

Combine creativity with functionality to make it easy to navigate.

Waiting for a Sign?

Have you ever wondered how much you might depend on a directional sign inside of a garage? Seeking that elusive space, you may notice signs above your windshield, leading you forward.

While not a traditional graphic you may see on a window or door, they still provide a creative opportunity.

Safety First

Let’s not forget safety! In the evening it can be reassuring to see bright graphics with color or numbers that help a person remember where their parking spot is, or find an exit.

Finishing Touches

Parking garage wayfinding signage is an effective final touch and can be an extension of the retail or shopping center experience.

Help people find their way and they will think of your concept the next time they go shopping!

Easy Out

Make it easy for people to find what they need. Choose a printing company that handles all facets of a project, from printing to installation.

Placards to large signs, we can help and take pride every step of the process.

Another Parking Hero

While you are here, check out some additional work we completed at SpotHero, in a separate parking garage.


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