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Guerilla Truck Show at NeoCon

The professional association for design (AIGA Chicago) in partnership with someoddpilot and Olgilvy485, resurrect an event that recognizes Chicago’s up and coming designers and creative professionals.

Scene from The Guerilla Truck Show
What the Truck?

The show must go on! After running for a decade in Chicago’s Fulton Market (and a one year hiatus), the Guerilla truck show found a new home on the Chicago Merchandise Mart South Drive.

Ten up-and-coming designers had the opportunity to showcase prototype work and objects of design in the back of box trucks.

What Happens at the Show?

Artists, designers & furniture fabricators showcase their work.

Trucks become mini exhibition halls!

Photo by Ogilvy & Mather

800 LB Guerilla in The Room

Organizers of the pop-up event asked AIGA Chicago, the Association for Professional Design, to join the team. one of the driving forces behind the show. Partnering with Olgilvy485 and someoddpilot, they wanted to attract attention from the commercial offices in the building (interior designers to marketing firms, hundreds of companies call the Mart home). Not to mention the thousands of people who walk by each day. That’s a lot of eyeballs!

Keep on Trucking

The Cushing Open House around the corner (literally: the Merchandise Mart is not far from our office), the marketing department reached out to AIGA. From art directors to graphic designers, their community is made up of many creative professionals. Director of Operations Morgan Walsh, reached out to discuss the event and had an idea.

“We had some pretty big ideas for the Truck Show, and needed help bringing them to life. Cushing's team talked through all aspects of our project, including the best products for a temporary event and installation. I am looking forward to our next project together.”
View from Above

To pique curiosity and create buzz around the box trucks, why not add graphics to the vehicle tops? With one caveat: materials had to be ready by early evening the day before the show. Volunteers would be installing these in the middle of the night!

Materials were printed without laminate to keep the self-install simple.

Vinyl Truck Top Guerilla Truck Show
Guerillas in the Mist

The resurrection of the Guerrilla Truck Show was a huge success, creating buzz and conversations. It attracted people working in the Merchandise Mart, NeoCon attendees and curious Chicagoans strolling by.

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