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Night House

When walking through suburban Oak Park at night, watch out! If you’re not careful you might walk right into Kate McQuillen’s Night House!

To Infinity and Oak Park

McQuillen, a Chicago-based Studio Artist, partnered with Cushing to bring astronomical art to a residential neighborhood in Oak Park. Night House is made up of images McQuillen created from Hubble telescope photos. Cushing printed these stellar images on styrene and wrapped them around a two-story home.


With a project of this size, McQuillen needed a creative printing partner. After touring Cushing with the Chicago Printer’s Guild and seeing capabilities, she knew our team would be the right fit. Plus, we were just as excited about this project as she was! Cushing’s “star” Sales Rep, Valerie Solver, was the main point of contact for McQuillen to bring this project to its twinkling fruition.

“Valerie was fantastic: attentive, prompt, and very flexible. She navigated the material choices very well, and ultimately helped me find the best material for the project. I can't say enough good things about my experience working with her...Everything turned out better than expected!”
Creative Constellation

Working on such a huge project, something must have gotten lost in the dark, right? Wrong!

The Cushing team accompanied McQuillen to the installation site and determined which material would stand up to the elements (and achieve the best look.) Pre-installation meetings helped anticipate and prevent any challenges.

Out of this World

This celestial project is part of an even larger transcontinental effort called The Terrain Biennial, whose purpose is to have artists bring art to the front yards of neighborhoods around the world. McQuillen worked with a curator and professor named Claudine Ise, who offered up her home for the project. The rest is infinity … oops, history.

“The folks at Cushing met my project with a lot of enthusiasm and an open mind, which made me feel really comfortable from the outset. They worked with me to keep the project within my budget, and were very in-tune with my specific needs.”

From uploading her files to our Web Upload tool, to installing the images, it was a painless process.

Not only is the Night House a beautiful work of art – it’s also been good for business!

The project “has already resulted in press exposure, meetings, and new art opportunities,” according to McQuillen.

Call it a Night

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