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Nurture Life

New Privacy Film to Help Nurture this Growing Business.

Graphics prevent accidents without sacrificing the creative and playful nature of the brand.

Project Manager: Julia Kaufman
Printing Consultant: Val Solver
Writer: Catie Duffy
Photos: Jon Davis

Nature vs. Nurture

Nurture Life is a weekly subscription box service that delivers fresh, organic, ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers and kids. Boxes are based on your child’s age and dietary restrictions, and meals (developed by a chef and pediatric dietitian) are delivered to your door.

What a delicious, stress-free way to ensure your kids are eating their vegetables!

Not Just Kids’ Stuff

Nurture Life’s Chicago location is equal parts state-of-the-art kitchen production facility and office space. As a business that caters to children, Nurture Life hosts events for parents and kids.

To make their space more kid-friendly (especially for small children who have a bad habit of running into glass), they decided to add vinyl window graphics (often referred to as privacy film) to their glass conference room. This way, kids will see what’s coming up ahead.

Growing Pains

Colee Wong, Marketing Associate, joined the Nurture Life team in 2016 – right when the company went live. Wong’s supervisors had been searching eight months to find the right company to produce the graphics!

Searching to find a printer that could meet even half of their needs was becoming frustrating.

A Lot On Their Plates

Wong and her team had a specific idea in mind for their conference room decals. They wanted graphics printed on transparent vinyl – something other vendors wanted to stray from. Other companies suggested printing the design as opaque, while some proposed different designs that wouldn’t have been practical, or as creative!

“Cushing was so communicative, helpful and willing to bend over backwards to meet our specific demands for this project. They proved to be a perfect fit.”

Cream of the Crop

Wong took matters into her own hands (or fingertips), searched the web, and found Cushing.

We worked closely with Nurture Life to produce and install privacy vinyl decals using transparent vinyl, as requested.

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“I was able to get quick responses through email and phone no matter the inquiry. Everyone was so polite and helpful. We’ve had previous vendors take weeks to respond to a simple quote; Cushing was able to reply with exact specifications within the day. We loved working with your team and being able to bring this project to life.”
Colee Wong Headshot for NurtureLife Spotlight
Nurture Life Team Pose With Graphics
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Even without a specific deadline to complete the project, Wong and her team were happy to finally get things moving along. “This project was slowly killing my co-workers’ collective spirit as vendors stalled over months of phone/email tag. Finding Cushing was serendipitous.”

The installation ended on a happy note, but the process wasn’t like taking candy from a baby. A few challenges occurred, including measurement and color configuration, but issues were quickly addressed and resolved.

Cool as a Cucumber

The graphic is a hit for visitors big and small! Although Nurture Life isn’t generally open to the public, they receive many compliments from guests.

Nurture Life is committed to standing out as a subscription box service that is thorough, detail-oriented and passionate about what they do. They have a strong sense of who they are, and their new window privacy film helps convey that to visitors.

Hungry For More?

Don’t take it from us…

“We want to work with Cushing for all our printing needs. We’d definitely recommend Cushing to anyone who asks!” – Colee Wong

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