3 Dimensional Lettering

Looking to add some dimension to your work space? Consider 3D dimensional lettering.

Dimensional lettering or logos are guaranteed to make your business stand out – literally. Whether you’re looking to display your business name, make an address easier to find, or define your space with a company logo or tagline, the Cushing team is here to help find the solution that is perfect for you. In a rush? Let’s discuss your project, or read on to learn more.

What is 3D Lettering?

Great question! You will typically see 3D dimensional lettering on walls in corporate environments, retail settings, and other businesses.

3D letters can be cut from a number of materials to make any surface stand out!

“We love the final result! We have received many positive comments and the wall graphics serve as a reminder to everyone why we are here and the work we do.”
Why should you consider 3D lettering?

3D dimensional lettering makes a statement and is a great way to express the solidity and professionalism of your brand.

It adds an interesting pop to any office space.

Exterior 3D lettering pieces can serve as advertising for your brand & attract new business.

What are the most common materials used for 3D Dimensional lettering?

3D lettering can be made from materials like aluminum, acrylic, and sintra.


Where is 3D Lettering Typically Installed?

The majority of the 3 dimensional lettering we produce is installed on the inside of buildings, but we have done plenty of exterior projects as well.

The only additional thing to consider when installing outside, is if the lettering will also require clear protective coating.

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Which fonts work best for 3D Dimensional Lettering?

3D lettering comes in many different widths, ranging from a quarter of an inch thick to two inches thick or more. 

More standardized fonts usually work best for these projects. 

Sans-serif and serif fonts that do not have tiny strokes work well. Cursive lettering is tricky to produce, but we can make adjustments to make it work.

“At Solstice, our word wall is a key part of the visitor experience. Overall, the work that Cushing has done really enhances our creative culture and reminds employees why they love to work at Solstice.”
What to know prior to installing 3 dimensional lettering

Installing 3D lettering is permanent. If you want to change the lettering, the wall will need to be refinished after removal. If it is being installed on the exterior of a building, a permit may be required.

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How is 3D lettering installed?

Each set of 3 dimensional lettering comes with a printed template that is used for installing. This is necessary so that the letter spacing is exact.

The template is taped on the surface of the install location, then drilled into or adhered onto the surface.

3D pieces can be offset from the wall using spacers if desired. Otherwise, we generally install flush to the wall surface.

Ready to make your office space stand out?


Still not sure what’s right for you? Let’s chat. Whether you’re installing your address outside or want your company’s tagline popping off of the walls, Cushing is your 3 dimensional lettering provider.

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