Meet the Cushing Team

Since 1929, Cushing has provided high quality printing services in Chicago & across the country.

We aspire to exceed your expectations. That’s why our greatest asset are the people who work on your projects! Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable, when you need assistance, we are a call away. Meet the team members who can’t wait to hear more about your project.

Joe Cushing
Executive Vice President
Brian Burke
Corporate Asset and Building Manager
Erik Reczek
Senior Sales Project Manager
David Parkes
Director of Information Technology
Josette O’Neil
Senior Account Manager
Julia Kaufman
Design Director, Sepia Studio
Diane Zaccagnini
CSR/AEC Supervisor
Mariano Montes
Lead Finisher
Matt Cushing
Senior Account Manager
Michelle Ward
Graphics Project Manager
Sharika Conyers
Junior Accountant
William Ivy
Demetrius Calhoun
Senior Accounting Manager
Amanda Snyder
Sales Project Manager
Catie Duffy
Human Resources and Marketing
Anjelica Garcia-Sanchez
Sales Project Manager
Conor Harmon
Associate Account Manager
Luis Garcia
Signage Fabrication & Logistics Manager
Renee Castro
Graphics Project Manager
Amanda Eich
Managing Designer of Sepia Studio
Yvonne Aparicio
Graphics Project Manager
Meagan Arizpe
Production Manager
Joe Ott
Customer Service Representative
Erika Martinez
Customer Service Representative
“Cushing's production team is spot-on reliable. I’ve never had them miss a beat on my frequently complex requests (replace these pages, change the sequence, scale this page up and that page down…), and they manage this precision while turning the job around with great speed. When it’s deadline time, I count on them as key players on our team!”