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Burnham Nationwide

A city skyline inside the office? Cushing and Burnham collaborate on an office frosting project.

Account Manager: Josette O’Neil
Project Manager: Michelle Ward
Customer Service Heroes: Michelle Ward, Amanda Snyder
Photos and Writer: Jon Davis

About Burnham

Burnham is the industry leader in building permit expediting and code consulting, leveraging over 25 years of experience navigating the permit and code compliance process. Our nationwide offices work on a host of iconic buildings, historic landmark alterations, new skyscrapers and national retail rollouts. What makes our professional services unique is our human touch; having a single project manager that assumes complete ownership of your project from start to finish, and consistently following through on our promise to ‘Simply get it done!’

Code Connection

For this project spotlight, Cushing found Burnham!

Questions came up at Cushing on a project regarding ADA (American Disabilities Act) sign display and placement requirements. Cushing marketing connected with Burnham’s code compliance team for answers and about content partnership possibilities. Both companies saw an opportunity to educate, share business opportunities, and collaborate on a Lunch & Learn series.

Burnham Office Frosting
Project Possibilities

Taking the lead on the privacy film project?

Meet Jon Kovar-Tooke, a business analyst at Burnham. Prior to joining the team, his background has been in a technical capacity, from telecom to navigational industries. On the decision to install window frosting:

“We knew we wanted to change things up, and while touring Cushing and seeing all the different finished projects for their clients, we saw a lot of possible directions we could go.”

The creative catalyst was in place!
Window Dressing

With fresh ideas about office window frosting, Burnham engaged their design and marketing consultant, to create some mock-ups.

In terms of direction and to showcase their background in the building industry, AWD Marketing Communications suggested artwork featuring a cityscape of Burnham clients, complete with construction cranes. The final touch on the creative is the Burnham logo at the base of the skyline.

“We would like to highlight Michelle Ward as a Customer Service Hero. She worked with Jon and gave a ton of great feedback, helped with the smaller details of the piece and made us feel confident about the project!”
Burnham Project Goals
This install had to accomplish two primary objectives.

Product Placement

Samples of 3M Dusted Crystal were couriered to the Burnham office. It provided an opportunity to see how the product would appear on windows. Afterward, a Cushing representative conducted a site survey for measurements and toured the office to ensure materials would sync with their office interiors. With predominantly white and clear frosting used, Burnham added a splash of orange to match their logo.

The small upgrade made a world of difference!
Burnham Team Photo

The Burnham Team Beams Proudly in Front of Their Privacy Film Installation.

Burnham Team All Smiles With Privacy Film Project

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“The skyline privacy film exceeded what we envisioned. I’m still blown away at the level of detail they were able to cut out and install onto the window, so carefully. Turnaround time was great, especially with the level of detail we requested. We’ve found a new graphics and printing partner in Cushing, we can grow with, and a valued partner.”
“Both company cultures align so closely. Very professional and genuine people with a focus on continuous learning and solving project challenges by taking a look from different perspectives. I’ve enjoyed the iterations our teams go through and new ideas that pop up along the way, it’s refreshing.”
Resounding Installation Results
With the frosting installed, we asked the Burnham team to share observations on results.
Here’s what they shared.

Learn more about privacy film and benefits for your office environment.

Anything on The Horizon?

In this office installation, Burnham struck the perfect balance between flair and functionality.

It supports brand awareness, inside and outside the office.

“We will certainly choose Cushing again for future projects. We’ve found a graphics company we can trust and valued partner we can grow with.”
Jon Kovar-Tooke, Business Analyst, Burnham Nationwide

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