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Privacy Vinyl at IFYC Office
What is Privacy Window Film?

Clients call it office frosting or privacy vinyl. It creates privacy and installed where you may not have much of it.

Use on doors, server room windows or reception areas. Add to conference room window panels or all-glass entrances.

  • Create discreet workspaces
  • Prevent conference rooms from feeling like a fishbowl
  • Add your logo or try a decorative design
“Cushing is our go-to print partner in the Chicagoland area.  Whether we need large-format printing and installation work, or high-quantity runs with tight turnarounds, the Cushing team exceeds our expectations every time.  Our trust in Cushing extends beyond standard print collateral for our clients, we use them for our internal needs, having had several privacy film and corporate art projects completed in multiple Avison Young office locations.”
Andrew Fredricks of Avison Young Shares a Testimonial on Cushing
Window Frosting for Privacy and Branding

The Client Wanted to:

  • Showcase their brand & niche in construction.
  • Provide some privacy to employees.

Related, See the full Project for Ideas:

goals achieved with window film featuring the Chicago skyline.

Frosted Privacy Film Skyline at Burnham

Cushing’s 3M certified installer puts up custom cut privacy film window graphics in the Red Mane Technology Office.

“The skyline privacy film exceeded what we envisioned. I’m still blown away at the level of detail they were able to cut out and install onto the window, so carefully. Turnaround time was great, especially with the level of detail we requested. We’ve found a new graphics and printing partner in Cushing, we can grow with, and a valued partner.”
Office Privacy Film Being Installed at Syngenta
You Deserve a Successful Installation

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  • Tired of companies that don’t deliver?
  • Wondering when your project manager might be in touch?
  • Concerned deadlines will be missed?

We created the MaEX Method to keep your installation on the right track. 

Hassle-Free Installation

Worried about a seamless installation? Don’t be! We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours add privacy to their workspace.

See Project photo gallery

“As a designer it was exactly how I envisioned the final product. We could not be happier. The responsiveness from everyone at Cushing made us feel welcome and important.”
Get Creative with Custom Cut Film

Blend privacy with creativity. Like what you see? This frosted map uses 3M Dusted crystal.

3M Dusted Crystal With Custom Cut Map

get more ideas from our Large Privacy Film Gallery

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See Office Frosting Work

More privacy projects for you in the portfolio.

See Them Now

The team weeds privacy film.

Vinyl weeding can be part of the process.

Learn More About It

“All graphics for the office expansion came out great! The vinyl is high quality, installed well and our team is happy with provided services. We’d absolutely recommend Cushing for graphics assistance.”
3M Dusted Crystal for Office Frosting
Office Frosting is Fun and Functional

Pareto Intelligence chose Cushing to install office frosting. 

We used 3M Dusted Crystal. It required contour cutting on the Zünd router.

see Their case study


Bre Bush Cushing Client
“Thanks again for the recommendation we install a Chicago skyline on the window of one of our conference rooms. Our Graphic Designer, Tammy, designed it and it’s been a huge hit with our employees and guests alike!”
Frosted Fun Fact

What do you call privacy vinyl? Office Frosting to privacy screens, our sales team has heard it described in many ways.

Privacy Vinyl Installed with 3M Dusted Crystal

One of the most interesting descriptions we’ve heard (and your fun fact?):

Distraction film!

Weeding Frosted Windows (Not Flakes) For Privacy

Weeding removes excess vinyl from a graphic.

Operators use this process, called weeding, to literally trim extra material from privacy vinyl. Read more descriptions on weeding & different vinyl options.

See Weeding Options

Vinyl Weeding for Graphics
Frosted Privacy Vinyl Installed at Canon
Coverings Add Finish to Offices

Frosted panels don’t need to be intimidating.

In this example, 3M dusted crystal is installed seccond surface, while the logo is cut out, first surface. Creating privacy while using your company branding can make an opaque space feel a bit more welcome, while providing the privacy your team needs for meetings.

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Privacy Film In the Nurture Life Office

The Nurture Life team stands proud in front of their conference room privacy film graphics.

Privacy Film Pane;s at NurtureLife

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Frosted or Decorative, Trust Cushing

From window film for your front door to frosted glass for an individual office, we can help. Want to browse a number of installations, for more window privacy ideas all at once? Click the orange button and a photo gallery opens in a new browser window:


Make Doors a Bit More Discreet

Many requests involve installing privacy film on glass doors.

Decorative Privacy Vinyl Installed at Avison Young

Meeting areas, break rooms, or your office entrance are good fits. Add teambuilding messages! You can see terms such as collaboration, flexibility and many more in the image.

Colee Wong Headshot for NurtureLife Spotlight
“We couldn’t be more happy with how this project turned out. Our conference room looks great, it’s perfectly installed, and makes our office space safer for small children who have a bad habit of running into glass.”
RMX Network Map
Services Available Throughout the United States

Need frosted decals or window film in a city other than Chicago? No problem!

Ask us about the RMX network, which offers print & project help in the US and internationally.

We can help in your location.

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Privacy Project White Ink printed on 3M 8150 With Optically Clear Laminate
Decorative and Discreet

Your Cushing team can help with the project details. For this recent office installation?

White ink printed on 3M 8150 with optically clear laminate. 

Could this be the right fit for your office, retail space or conference room? Please feel free to reference these details when you call or request a quote.

We welcome you to connect with our team.

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Many Ways to Use Decorative Window Film

Do you need frosted decals at your entrance?

Your installation does not have to be in a breakroom or conference room. As you can see in this installation, film is installed at the front of of the office. Every company has different needs and we can guide you through the process.

Frosted Decal On a Glass Door at Koya
Decorative Privacy Film Requires Graphic Design
Decorative Film for Glass Windows

Have you contacted a graphic designer?

For decorative film concepts, you need a design we can print and install (typically to 3M dusted crystal, a material we keep in stock.) Creative professionals, such as a graphic designer, can develop a concept for you.  Want to incorporate your brand into the glass? This is a definite possibility, and a little more of a premium to print & fulfill.

Frosted Coverings for Discreet Meetings

Looking strictly at that installation for privacy? Consider frosting.

It prevents meeting spaces from feeling like a “fishbowl.”  Media creates a very private space in the office, conference room or individual doors. Typically, no design is involved. 3M Dusted Crystal is used for many installations.  We pre-cut material based upon the size of the glass to create a privacy band.

Check out our Installers in Action!

Cushing Window Graphics Install

Cushing installing window graphics at The Bryn for our client Jeff Leven at Form Design Studio, LLC

Individual Office Film

What about individual work spaces or an employee office door? No problem.

While glass may be used at the workspace entrance, individual office windows & doors may function better with panels that provide privacy for meetings, phone calls or confidential meetings. Consider opaque film when an individual office needs that extra degree of privacy.

With this material, visitors won’t be able to see through the interior window.

Pictured is privacy film for a window from a recent installation at Mitsui Rail Capital. We invite you to see the rest of the project in our portfolio!

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Privacy Window Film at Mitsui Rail Capital
Create Privacy For Interiors

Guests and patients can feel at ease in spaces for therapy.

Covenant Village Therapy Room

3M Dusted Crystal is a tasteful way to create privacy in patient rooms in medical offices and much more.

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“It wasn't just Cushing fitting in our budget for the wall graphicsoffice project and individual office privacy film. They provided ideas, designs and suggestions to make this an amazing experience. It simply would not have turned out this well without the input of their team.”
Private Label Your Office

Let’s get decorative (as in privacy film)! In yours is an office with many internal windows, there are tons of fun and colorful ways to use privacy film to support your brand. They don’t always need to be frosted!

Check out the graphics used in this Groupon conference room.

Cut and Weeded Window Film for Groupon Conference Room

Decorative privacy film is versatile and use types we tend to see the most of are: windows, doors and conference rooms.

Elementum Privacy Window Film

Corporate conference rooms to smaller offices, let’s talk about your privacy film needs and how we can help.

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Privacy Film for Conference Rooms

One of the main applications we see privacy film used are conference room windows (including our own at Cushing). If you have a conference rooms where staff meet on a regular basis, it can keep employees from feeling like they are in a fishbowl (with many people peering in).

This can be helpful if you have visitors on a regular basis.

Recent Privacy Film Project for SpotHero

Privacy film does not have to take up an entire window panel.

Spothero Fun Room Cut Out Privacy Vinyl

It can provide a tasteful accent to your office interiors.

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Amber Hacker from IFYC
“Cushing delivered on several fronts – they had the most competitive pricing out of all the vendors we researched, they exceeded our expectations on the final products for our office space design, and they had outstanding customer service throughout the process. I would highly recommend Cushing to any organization that’s looking for an outstanding product at a reasonable price.  ”
Conference Room Privacy Film in Commercial Office
Materials You May Hear

There are different options for privacy film and we are happy to you choose the right one for your installation.

Materials include 3M Dusted Crystal, Oracal 8510 and MacTac (MACMark) frosted, among others.

No matter which are used, we are here to ensure your project comes out great!

A Project To Yelp About

Other privacy vinyl installations we have had the chance to work on are Yelp’s new downtown Chicago offices. Frosted window film was part of an interiors installation which also included wall graphics and a custom lightbox.

See more of the work on the Yelp portfolio page. 

Decorative Privacy Film Installed at Yelp Offices
Privacy Film Door Graphic
Privacy and Powerful Branding

There are options to be creative with film and vinyl. Ask us about letting in different levels of light or tell us more about the creative ideas you have for your privacy film project.

Privacy doesn’t need to be plain.


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