Brand Identity
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what's in a brand?

Your brand is like hieroglyphics, it tells the entire story of who you are with a series of elements: color, logo, typography, voice, mission statement, tag line, culture, etc.

And consistent branding can lead to a 33% increase in revenue because it does a lot of heavy lifting. When you invest in your brand identity, your business and mission grow.

Environmental Graphics
Bucktown Angle

wow factor

What do you want your employees to see when they walk into your space… what about visiting customers or clients? Branded graphics do more than brighten a space.

Recruit great talent. Retain team members. Improve your bottom-line. You’ve got a big (*cough* boring *cough*) vanilla box and you just want it to look cool… no matter the reason, we’re here to talk through the possibilities.

Marketing Collateral
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the rule of seven

Did you know It can take an average of seven interactions before a consumer remembers your brand? Even the most persuasive marketing material falls flat without thoughtful design. Does your marketing collateral stand out or end up in the recycling bin? We’ll help you bridge the gap from copy to creative.

SocialMedia Content
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tag, like, share, oh my!

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram… not just for sharing photos of your lunch anymore. Gone are the days of writing a blog post once a month and grabbing a picture from the google to use as your visual.

From interactive GIF’s to infographics, let’s elevate your social creative strategy.

Social Stationery
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you are cordially invited

Whether a networking event, or a personal event in your life, big things are happening and you need to get butts in the seats. The first step to a successful event is an amazing invitation and an event logo that makes guests remember. From save the dates through day-of particulars, we can carry your event brand through with graceful consistency.

Subscription Services
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let’s not make this complicated

Timing is everything. You know your business and you live and die by the rhythm of the way you do things. What you don’t need is to stop at every turn and seek out the talent to create the content that keeps your operations moving forward. Plug into a monthly subscription that provides exactly what you need- your brand on your schedule.

Printing Services
Printing Services

one stop shop

Sepia Studio is the design division of Cushing & Co. We’ve got over 90 years of experience under our belts printing the large and small, the color and BW, the boring and wow! The perk of working with us is once your design is done, it begins printing only a few steps away (literally).