Google Fonts and Googling Fonts

After years of searching the web for free fonts, not-so-legal font downloads (with or without questionable names and questionable download sites), and splurging on the ones you just can’t do a project without — we’ve finally discovered the world of Google Fonts.

How does this happen? How is this resource not shouted from the rooftops of all of the major graphic design heavy hitters? We’re thrilled and want to share the love.

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Coffee Convo With KOVAL Distillery

It’s no secret we are big fans of the KOVAL brand. Our friends at Cushing have completed projects for their team and their striking labels were always the talk of the production floor. As we brainstormed who reach out to for the next Coffee Convo, we hoped they would consider participating. So, we geeked out when their awesome communications associate, Abby Boler, was open to the idea. There have not been that many…

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Chat With Amanda Roscoe Mayo

Remember when Apple said “yep, there’s an app for that” – well – these days, there’s probably a podcast for … (fill in the blank). Seriously. From shows dedicated to knitting with terrific names such as Yarniacs to Candy101. Side note: I need to pitch them an episode: “What exactly do they put in Swedish…

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you have time for what you make time for.

Boy do we get it. It’s hard to prioritize the “extra” stuff when you’re running a business… like posting to social media, or onboarding your new vendor… or even just getting started with literally any project that isn’t the day to day “regular” stuff.

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materials matter

Grabbing a coffee at Nomad, across the street from our office, and looked down while I waited patiently for my oatmilk-kinda-make-it-strong- latte. The convergence of these materials was just perfection. White round ceramic tile. Blond wood flooring. Brass base. Vertical wood siding on the counter. That is all. Carry on.

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paralucent bold

It’s ok to admit that the first thing you notice about this picture is the grilled cheese – how could you not?! BUT, for some crazy font loving folks (us), the first thing we noticed was the font. Does that look familiar at all to you? Well guess what all you font lovers, this heading is the empowered and statuesque ‘Paralucent Bold’ – and it’s our font. Yep, our font of choice in almost all things, and used most appropriately all over this website. Thrillist, you certainly have great taste and we love you, now for even more than your best grilled cheese in the city recommendations. If you’re curious what other font we are using on this site, it’s Graphik – an no, Thrillist is not using that one, too (we checked).

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pantone colors of the year

Some may say that their creative output lives and dies by Pantone….others may say ‘do you mean Pantene?” To be clear, not talking about this: Based on the world you live in, Pantone may or may not play a huge role in it. For us, it’s a mix of both, a result of living in a digital age and being…

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