environmental graphics

environmental graphics

creating the wow! factor

a fancy way of saying, big things on walls, but it’s impact is so much more

Sure big graphics make your office look cool, but there are many reasons behind the design decision to brand the architecture around you in a big way. In a world that is now completely dispersed, it is definitely important to have environmental graphics that speak to your company values, your commitments to clients, strategic partners, and employees that call this space home. The answer to the question, “where do you work?” is a little blurry these days and great design helps define the edges of the work place.


not your mama’s wallpaper

how valuable is it to have clients, actual humans, walk through your space, especially now?


It’s more than just signage, it’s an invitation to come inside. It’s also a missed opportunity if it’s not meaningful, and it needs to send that same value-based message out the door with your guest who made the commitment to stop in.

double duty

Human resources professionals among others, know the value of offering a job to a potential employee, who clearly has options.  A well-branded office will improve your employee recruiting. Your environment is being interviewed just as much as you are interviewing them.

92% of people

would consider leaving their job if offered a position in a company with an outstanding corporate reputation (CR Magazine, 2016). The design of your office architecture is a reflection of that reputation.

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