Aeslin Pup Hub

Aeslin Pup Hub is the place to get the highest quality products for your dog while meeting and socializing with your fellow dog loving neighbors. Offering boarding, daycare, and grooming services at their multiple locations is a bonus!

Aeslin came to us with a lively brand and need to share that with the community and customer base. Cue storefront graphics! We took a slightly different approach to each of the three locations and branded each storefront in a bold, consistent way.

UKV, the OG: a doggie destination

from mockup to photo op

See firsthand how a rendering can turn into reality – we always recommend seeing a mockup before approving the final design.

So how does this canine club stay ahead of the pack? (dog puns? yes, please). Branded storefront graphics enhance their concept and exude their mission from the outside. This was the first project in our series and it needed to feature their services, loud and clear with a playful spirit.

Bucktown full 1


nestled along Milwaukee avenue amongst full brick facade buildings, Aeslin needed to stand out in a big way. Cover the whole outside? Yep.

Printed by Cushing, these exterior graphics are produced on adhesive vinyl that is heat applied to the contours of the brick during installation. It’s quite the tedious process, but if looking this good was easy… (you know the rest).

Inspired by Dogs,
Connected by People


Noble Square:
woof, woof

This second location in the Aeslin series needed to take cues from the first installation in order to tie the two together, speaking the same language from blocks away. Using icons to ground the graphics, images to bring you doggies galore, and brand color to tie it together, you’ve been engaged without even knowing it. #storefrontsecret

The pupper party doesn’t end at the brick. From storefront to business card, marketing collateral, merch, and consistent branding from top to bottom is critical. Check out a few examples of how we expanded the Aeslin brand.