Holidays on the Square

Holidays on the Square is an annual event that we take a very active role in not only helping to plan, but also coordinating and designing all the graphic elements. Supporting small business is something we hold in very high regard. This one-day event is a way to encourage patrons to come out and celebrate all the food and shopping that one of Chicago’s best neighborhoods has to offer during the holiday season.

Branding Holidays On The Square with an eye catching logo is the first step in helping Logan Square residents remember this fun day year after year.

Distribution of printed collateral is coordinated with the local businesses for them to display and hand out to their clientele about a month before the event.

And no successful event is had without social media outreach. Here is a sampling of posts we created in collaboration with Logansquarist, the event sponsor who also manages the media and website.

Early on in the history of HOTS, we coordinated with professional photographer Amy Boyle to follow our “Santa” around Logan Square and snap pics of him visiting local spots. We still use these photographs in HOTS promotion.