Agency Services

Boost engagement, attract new customers and grow your sales.

In a saturated market, how do you engage existing and new customers AND be sure your messaging is always top of mind?

Simultaneously employ more than one medium.

Keep the Customer Satisfied

According to a recent Kantar Media study, 64% of consumers consider all messaging they experience as advertising. 

Your customers simply don’t have the time or attention span to decipher between paid advertising and organic outreach.

“As a marketing team of one, I’m always looking for impactful ways to evolve as a professional, and Cushing’s Lunch & Learns are a great resource. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from industry superstars, including Andy Crestodina and James Ellis, and left with actionable tips to incorporate into my company’s strategy. Make sure to take their tour – you’ll get an up-close look at the high-quality work that Cushing delivers (and catch a serious case of workplace envy)!”
Reach Your Customer Across Platforms

Stop trying one-off marketing tactics. What do we offer? A multi-faceted, immersive approach across platforms to convert prospects into customers. How do we do it?

Simple. From ringless voicemail to targeted emails, direct marketing tactics, working in tandem to engage your customer.

Keep Customer Attention

How do you cut through the clutter? Reach your customers across multiple channels to deliver your message at the right place, time, and environment. Online? Voice? Offline? Cushing offers an all-inclusive marketing program.

Why now? Since 1929, Cushing has believed in adding value to the customer experience.  Designed for small-to-medium size business, agency services/immersive marketing is a cost-effective way to create demand, reach new customers and track results.

Immerse Your Customer In Messaging

Campaigns are designed to complement one another and ensure your success.

Simultaneously connect with your customer across platforms, and immerse prospects in your messaging.

All campaign elements can be included in your marketing outreach.

Let’s explore each.

It's Like WUHPHF, Only Better ... !

Thanks to WUPHF! Now we BARK!

Thanks Ryan Howard from Office. We not bark, not wuphf! AppStore -

The Office

Yes, this Office video makes you laugh. However, they had the right idea. Marketing has evolved into: multi-touch, multi-platform, and efforts that immerse consumers in promotional outreach.

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Geofencing Attracts New Customers

Send coupons and promotions to customers within a set location around your place of business.

How does it work? Through a virtual boundary around the location of your choice, you can passively connect with new customers. Imagine a virtual boundary around a competitor’s address with your messaging. Once they opt-in, remind them of your services with ringless voicemail.  

Expand Your Brand

What if you could leave a message without making a call? With ringless voicemail, your prospect receives a pre-recorded message – direct to their smartphone. No more screened phone calls. No more trying to call back at the right time. Ringless voicemail reaches new customers. Deliver your elevator pitch without dialing. The next phase of your plan? Text Messaging Marketing!

Deliver Direct Through Text

Ready to take signage to the next level of engagement? With the right call to action, customers request information through text about your next special, sale or promotion.

Start building your list today. And then engage online with display advertising.

A Banner Year

What if you could display YOUR brand messaging to prospects after they research your competition? (Or online advertising to potential customers who abandon your website?)

We can assist with competitive, categorical, and keyword searches. Don’t worry about design. From desktop to smartphones and tablets, we develop creative for different digital environments. Let’s deliver more qualified traffic to your website. And send them to your CRM.

“I cannot thank everyone at Cushing enough for your help, support and amazing printing over the years. You consistently help me brainstorm the best printing for an idea, meet many short deadlines, and provide amazing quality printed products. I love working with you!”
Fill Your CRM

Turn abandoned website visitors into new customers.

Ask us about syncing your CRM (customer relationship manager) to send this data directly into your database. Let’s keep warm leads coming your way. To complete your customer marketing experience, use direct mail and stay top of mind.

Mail It In

Last but certainly not least, direct mail continues to attract customers. In fact, millennials read, engage and respond to direct mail marketing. Agency Service mailers are valuable part of your next campaign and overall marketing mix.

Have a design and need a targeted list? Contact our team to build it!

Ready to Start YOUR Campaign?

Try agency services without a long-term commitment.

Let’s discuss your objectives and develop an outreach to achieve your goals.  Build a lifetime of loyalty through immersive campaigns, tailored to your target market. Let Cushing help you build customers for life.

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