AEC Printing

For years, we’ve brought equipment, manpower, I.T. support and our knowledge base to help AEC firms in Chicago. Let us help you find the blueprint for success on your next project.

CAD Plotting doesn’t need to be complicated; your images deserve the best in file conversion.

CAD Plotting / File Conversion

Call attention to essential information with color EGG (engineering grade graphics) prints.

CAD Color / BIM Printing

Promote jobsite safety while advertising  your space with construction fence banners and signage.

Construction Site Graphics

Put our document scanning and archiving experience to work! We’ll keep your files in high quality shape, online, archived, and accessible

Scanning and Archiving

We understand the importance in the accuracy of your specification documents.

Specification Copies

Provide a seamless, organized, intuitive deliverable to your owner and their Facility Management team. Closeout doesn’t need to be complicated. This tool helps general contractors automate the process of requesting, collecting, and organizing of construction documents for a closeout deliverable.

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Don’t let your building project get delayed because of uncertainty. 3D scanning eliminates issues by providing a robust, interactive 3D model of a site prior to a project. Partner with Cushing to scan a space for you or purchase or rent a Matterport scanner.

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Learn how you can simplify the closeout process, keep owners happy, and get more projects.

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