Print Tracking

Save money. Leave print tracking to the print experts.

Ask us about a variety of print tracking solutions to keep the paper trail accurate and workflow moving.

Save Money. Print Better.

In a world where budgets are tight, details are vital and an electronic trail is essential to saving money, invite Cushing in to upgrade your printer and CAD plotter with a cost per copy program.  See how you can record every item that passes through our print server, and invoice each one back to your project, or forward that charge onto your clients.

Provide Accurate Paper Trails

In many cases it’s only a matter of providing an accurate paper trail with a project number.   While many clients will reimburse you for work that is sent out to a commercial printer, most of your printing is done in your office on copiers and plotters.

So, go ahead and upgrade those devices, put us in charge of the entire process, and pass along that cost for the lease, paper, toner and service with electronic print tracking tools from Cushing!

Print Tracking Questions?

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