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Closeout Docs to site graphics, Cushing has been a partner to the Architectural, Construction and Engineering Industry for 90 years.

Cushing has deep roots in the AEC community dating back to 1929. We offer creative business solutions to improve your workflow, from an enterprise-wide solution to a simple copier, on a pay-per-print program. More than just your trusted source for architectural drawings, ask us about 3d scanning solutions and digital closeout tools.

Ever Evolving

We offer the most professional and reliable resource for getting drawings or digital images where they need to be, on time, and with the very best quality control in Chicago.

For years we’ve supplied digital services for maintaining vital information on your projects in FTP accessible portals. The world of printing documents evolved into digital imaging over 20 years ago. The digital documents are now more critical than ever. And, they are now in 3D, interactive, and more functional than ever!

The Closeout Portal

See how we streamline your team’s task of gathering as-built documents and placing them in a relational database.

The closeout portal, pictured here, is created by Cushing, simplifying the process of collecting, digitizing, labelling and retrieving for decades. Eager to see more?

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Using the ultimate documentation tools to enhance your client close out deliverable

Use 3D scanning to quickly and accurately capture the existing conditions of a building.

Accurately and completely document existing conditions of a facility prior to the start of any renovation project.


No More Closeout Headaches

Provide a super deliverable to your owner and get paid fast without stress and frustration

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“Having worked in the AEC industry for over a decade, Cushing has always been a trusted resource. In particular, I know that the quality on my large-format prints, banners, and boards will be flawless. I can always depend on Cushing to deliver on-time or early, and I appreciate the helpful communication during the project. Cushing has certainly earned their reputation for exceptional service.”

Cushing Closeout Docs

Learn more about Cushing's Closeout Docs solution:

Close out document services for Contractors and Facility Managers

Closeout docs provide a seamless, organized, intuitive deliverable to your owner and their Facility Management team. Closeout doesn’t need to be complicated. This tool helps general contractors automate the process of requesting, collecting, and organizing of construction documents for a closeout deliverable.

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3D scans for construction and Architecture

3D laser scanning Provides a robust, interactive 3D model of a site prior to a project.

Easily create as–built Revit models for BIM Modeling or Autocad files to begin your design. 3D Scanning improves Design, Construction Processes and Cost of Operations. AEC professionals are discovering the value of 3D scanning during pre-construction and ideation phases.

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“The entire team at Cushing have consistently been fantastic to OKW over the years. Most recently, that dream team has gone above and beyond to ensure prints are done quickly and correctly, they anticipate our needs and that is priceless. Thank you for always being an easy recommendation when suggesting printers to our clients!”
Cushing has been in the business of managing building information in Chicago for over 90 years.

Since we opened doors in 1929, we have been to premier provider of construction printing and document services in Chicago. Our brand includes the promise to provide the latest technology in the industry. We offer software and hardware solutions for producing construction documents and/or providing them in color.

Allow us to show you how we can assist in managing your documents, easily accessible and all in one place!

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AEC Prints Come Off the PageWide
Electronic Solutions

Confer with Cushing to determine the most essential, cost effective solutions for managing documents on line, to reduce or eliminate printing altogether. Including streamlined company process tools like:

  • Capturing existing conditions
  • 3D scanning for re-use
  • Scan to BIM/CAD
  • Digital video walk throughs
  • Capture mechanical progress during construction
  • Digital closeout portals/automated document collection
  • All traditional printing, scanning, and conversion to CAD/BIM

Electronic tools help Cushing achieve our goal to provide green, sustainable solutions.


“Cushing let’s Knight E/A, Inc. focus on being engineers instead of the printing. Keep up the great work! Knight E/A Inc. has used EGG prints for quick turn, last minute project needs.
Craig Bachtell of Knight-EA.
Partners in Print

Cushing has assisted Knight E/A, Inc. with architectural printing solutions for over 25 years!

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