Digital Bond and Construction Document Printing

When you need to reproduce multiple sets of drawings or require large document scans, trust Cushing to assist beyond bond printing.

What is Large Format Bond Printing?

You might think of the famous quote “Bond, James Bond” when you hear the term bond. Fortunately, this is not a top-secret type of printing.

In fact, bond printing is the modern day digital blueprint, replacing the traditional blue & white drawing set that contractors, architects and engineers over the age of thirty-five might recall.  Diazo prints were dry, ammonia developed blue lines on white backdrop, which replaced the old blueprint process. They actually used a wet process and rapid drying to present the white line, blue back drop drawings that so many people picture in their heads when they use that term blue print.

Bond printing refers to the type of paper we literally print to, in this case, 20 pound bond paper. This is used to produce your drawing sets on our Oce plotters, or our newest HP PageWide 8000 XL printer. We can print a few sheets, or a few hundred for you.

Cushing is the largest downtown provider of construction document printing and has been for several years. We were the first to adopt CAD Plotting services and digital document services to manage projects electronically using our DFS Document Fulfillment Service on line tools.

My experience with Cushing is that the service has been beyond expected, orders get delivered ahead of schedule. Also the delivery personnel are always friendly.
Have you seen our new printer?

Our new HP Pagewide 8000 XL is leaving other printers in the dust!


Read about our path to the Pagewide, or schedule a tour to see it in action!

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We Know What Matters to You: Swift, Prompt Delivery, Invoiced Correctly

On our busiest days, we process well over 200 requests. Imagine trying to get it right 1,000 times per week without a system. Cushing recognized the need for repeatable, reliable systems in place to process dozens of small orders in a hurry, each day.

Our privately developed Job Order Detail Interface (JODI) is used throughout each day, whether we are here to physically accept your orders or not. JODI is used to accept your order details, attach and store uploaded drawings and all your information: time due, project numbers, your comments, requests for split deliveries, binding or package labeling.

The system allows us to electronically proof your orders before printing and a printed job manifest is carried through the final proof of your order before shipping. All of the data you provide is included through the final invoicing which also comes out of JODI, into our accounting system.

People- Recruit – People – Responsive – People – Reward – People – Recruit

Meanwhile, we recruit and train the most responsive people our industry has. Many people ask if the responses they get from our employees are computer generated, but we are delighted to reply that the order system responds once, to tell you your order has been processed, and the rest is us!!!

You know any detail oriented, multi-tasking people who get a charge out of making things happen? Send them to our HR Department.

For a long time, I used to question my rep about Carolyn and Sarah.  I thought that the responses to my e-mails were literally the computer system responding to me.  Then I realized I was talking to a human being, getting back to me faster than I could even type!  I love Carolyn and the Cushing team!
We Offer The Right Equipment
  • Full and half-size Printing –Using the most current equipment we can get in our industry, Cushing specializes in reproducing multiple sets of drawings from digital files. Our half-size option offers a scaled down version of your drawings, perfectly suited for the rush world of today. We go to great lengths for clients with special requirements to ensure we can reproduce your fine lines and half tones, especially at half size when they can become distorted or plugged up.
  • Large Document Scans – Whether a set of old blueprints or a set of drawings from a client, we will turn it into a high quality digital file for you. We can hand it back in PDF, TIFF and JPEG, or a complete CAD-ready vector conversion.
  • Large Color Scans – Cushing can scan any document in black and white or color. Our equipment is geared with the technology to provide you with print ready digital images, perfect for reproduction. Our Cruse Scanner (Vacuum frame, flat bed) will put you at ease if you are digitizing old, fragile documents. We also offer compressed files easier for uploading, downloading and sharing.
  • EGG Prints- Looking to add some color to your drawings? Consider Engineering Grade Graphics. We use the latest technology to produce your full size color design drawings economically at production speeds.  EGG Prints are geared for line work or generic color printing and is one-fifth the cost of presentation color poster printing. Please inquire about EGG printing! 
  • Recycled Paper – With an ongoing emphasis on recycled and sustainable solutions for our industry, Cushing always has recycled media on hand. If you need a sustainable or environmentally friendly option, we are pleased to accommodate you.
  • Drawings printed on Tyvek, Vellum or Mylar – As an industry leader in black and white construction printing, we know the importance of having a variety of materials in stock for your requests. If you have a special need, we will fill do our best to fill it. Just ask and you will receive personalized assistance.
Online 24/7

Our network is always on, offering around the clock digital job and file submission using high-speed transfer protocols. When you submit your files, our production team is able to get started on them right away to help you meet your deadlines. We keep up with your pace and are always available to assist.

Whatever Your Format

Hard copies, scans, plots, digital files – we’ll assemble your job into a new set of digital documents.
We understand the need for digital files and we will gladly store them for future on-demand printing requests.

How Can We Help?

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