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Summertime and the Printing is Easy

We have a lot to celebrate in this edition of From the Flatbed! The first day of summer, Cushing’s Indigo Open House, new employees, and much more. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the shop soon!


Coincidence or not, looks like some Cushing employees subliminally wore matching…

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5 Essential Tips to Ensure Your Office Redesign is a Success

Ahh, spring. A time for reflection, renewal and seasonal allergies (maybe not the last one.) Are you one of over 70% of Americans who tackle spring cleaning each year? Many homes are getting a deep clean and potentially a new look, but are you best utilizing your office space? Today’s office space…

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The Ghosts of Proms Past

Looking back at your old prom photos can be a nightmare. What was I wearing? What is with my hair? Why did I go with that person? To celebrate this prom season, the Cushing team is facing their fears and going back (in some cases WAY back) to remember our own…

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6 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here!

This holiday always tends to sneak up on me, and even though my mom says she loves everything I get for here, shopping for her can be a challenge! In my experience, anything with sentimental value is a safe bet.

If you’re still searching for the…

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Name Dropped a Top Shop

Welcome to another edition of From The Flatbed, your condensed version of what’s happening at Cushing.  We spotlight a couple of new projects, share developments and interesting tidbits from the shop. We hope your spring is off to a great start and the Cushing team is here to help with…

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Springing Forward

Thanks Puxatawney Phil – looks like your prediction is holding true. And for many of us that might mean spring cleaning, spring flings & spring break. OK, I’ll stop cramming spring down your throat. The Cushing team? We are excited for warmer weather and to keep the presses rolling.

Photoshopping, Prepping,…

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