Block Out Graphics

Full Coverage Panes or Hide What’s Inside

Block Out Graphics Installed for Foxtrot.

No, we’re not talking about Jenny from the Block (for any Jennifer Lopez fans out there.) We are sure you have experienced this, either walking in the Loop or trendy districts such as Bucktown or Lincoln Park. A new concept is coming but they want to keep the work being done on the inside of the store discreet (instead of renovations, half-painted walls, and debris that tends to come with a build out.) Chicago’s own Foxtrot market uses block out to create intrigue around their new storefronts. 

“My experience with Cushing was flawless and the graphics are AMAZING! I worked with Amanda in the Sepia Design Studio division, and she created a design that went beyond my initial expectations. I highly recommend Cushing and Sepia Studio!”

List your website, advertise social media channels, and start generating interest before you open the doors! It is a worthwhile investment to start creating buzz around your concept so people are ready to make a purchase when you open the doors! Bonus if you add a QR code! 

Window block out or block out graphics sometimes appear as big sheets of paper.

Savvy business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers use block out graphics to build awareness. Block out graphics are printed paper, banners, or specialty vinyl adhered to the inside of a window. They face out to the street and creates mystique about what for what you have in store for the neighborhood. 

Get Noticed

It is really a great way to create intrigue. Come on, you know you try and peek inside to see what’s happening when block out graphics go up in your neighborhood! They are a sign of new development and discreetly stick out like a sore thumb.

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