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Consistent branding can lead to a 33% increase in revenue. Invest in your brand identity and grow your business. 

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Logo Concepts
What do the Nike Swoosh or Starbucks Mermaids have in common? We’re not sure eitherBUT you probably pictured both logos as you read that questionIt can take five-to-seven interactions before a consumer remembers a brand. Make the first impression count. Whiteboarding ideas to final design, we’ll make your logo memorable. 

Mood Boards
So, you might be wondering how design concepts come together. It’s a team effort. Mood boards help compare ideas and color schemes. They can easily be set up to share with internal departments to get input from colleagues. Or share with customers for feedback. Use this efficient tool to brainstorconcepts and organize your brand vision. 

Brand Story Document
What is your company story? What are you buyer personas? If you’re not sure, not a problem. Let’s take a step back develop your brand from step one. 

Brand ID guide
This is an efficient way to keep your team on the same page. Brand guidelines break down items such as: allowed logo variations, typography, color palette, and more. Distribute these handy instructions internally to keep down artwork missteps to a minimum. See our own Sepia guidelines here. 

Refresh or Logo Clean Up
Don’t need to start over, but could use a refresh? We understand. Keep core elements of who you are and bridge the gap to what’s next. We’ll reference current trends and give your logo a fresh look. 

Refresh / Existing Document Update
Is your marketing collateral unintentionally retro? Save it for #ThrowbackThursday. Let us review your materials and develop a plan. We know design trends and what makes an impact.  We’ll provide an update that aligns with your business goals.

Other Services and Ideas
Remember those five-to-seven critical consumer impressions we mentioned earlier? Well, Sepia Studio offers many ways to help you generate them through design. Or Cushing, our display graphics division:

1. Incorporate your new awesome logo as a front door decal to greet guests.
2. Install dimensional signage, with a logo or general branding, behind your reception desk.
3. Add refreshed branding to your snazzy new business card – yes, we design those too.
4. Hire us to design a brochure and mail to all your clients – impressions galore!! 
5. Did we mention window signage? No? OK, we just did. They attract new customers!
6. Wall Graphics, wayfinding, and environmental branding – impress visitors and recruit team members.
7. Social Media Creative – Capture online impressions with digital designs.


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