CD & DVD Duplication

Professional Duplication

When multiple copies are needed in a hurry, Cushing makes it easy and affordable to produce and duplicate any of your custom disc projects.

Our custom printed CD/DVDs can be imaged quickly and placed in paper sleeves, plastic clam shells (shown here), jewel cases, or DVD cases (movie/video cases).

“Perfect timing, my boss just looked at it and spoke with the client. He said to say “thank you for suggesting we take a look”, he really appreciates your companies attention to those details. In the past we’ve had companies print without question and then the client freaks out. My boss told the client the issue, and they want to move ahead. So please move the order ahead. They are approved.”
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Based on what you need, our trained staff can help you choose the CD/DVDs for your request.

We are here to help you image and package your CD/DVDs just the way you need them.

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The Cushing team is eager to assist with your next CD/DVD Duplication project! We will image and package your CD/DVDs to your specifications.

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