Cushing Client Testimonials

A Collection of Cushing Client Testimonials and Feedback

Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.

Under promise and over deliver.
Toby Bloomberg

Well done is better than well said.
Benjamin Franklin


We measure and reward our employees at year end during our annual Customer Service Week to acknowledge their excellent customer service.

Erik, I wanted to take a moment to compliment you and your team on the spectacular job with the Skil-USA Graphics last week. We really appreciate working with you and the smooth operation under pressure. You were also able to provide graphic solutions that our client absolutely love. A great big thank you to everyone that worked on the show graphics. We’re getting used to you guys producing miracle! That’s why we keep coming back to Cushing.

Haans, Graphic Designer

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! All the consultants who worked on the art were very happy and touched by the books we gave them. We really appreciate your generosity and collaboration on this project.

Victoria, Healthcare Industry – Design and Construction Department

Erik Reczek — he is the best! He has helped me a ton as I get started in a new position and he always turns my orders around immediately. He is super patient, kind and always helpful. I love working with him. My banners always turn out great thanks to his expertise.

Kristen, Non-profit

I couldn’t be happier with printer service. Carolyn Clark is very friendly, helpful and very thorough. After working with others in the past, I would definitely pick working with Carolyn and her team over past experiences with other companies.

Jen, Construction

We were very pleased with the “High Quality of Services” that we received from you and all the staff at Cushing, as well as, the finished product. It was a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to working with you again.


I just wanted to extend a BIG Thank you for such a great job you did on our covers. They looked amazing. Also, I appreciate the timely delivery. We just got them delivered, so hopefully the client will appreciate our effort.

Rosa, Construction

As always, Randy and Bruce helped me out when I needed a quick turn around, and they did it with a smile on their face!

Sandra, Engineering

Consistently I have received impeccable service from Randy Johnson. He is always pleasant and courteous with every individual who provides a challenge to his day. Most recently I had a difficult project that he committed 110% of himself to meet my deadline while staying late with a smile.

Sean, Engineering

It goes without being said that Tom Cradick always extends his expertise and assistances when we come to him with our many printing woes and demands. Tom’s reassurance of his intentions to stay as long as we need him to complete a deadline made a world of a difference to my team and me. As a result, with Tom’s extra efforts and assistances, we were able to complete our sets which eventually lead to a very successful client meeting.

Shirley, Architectural & Design Firm

Josh and Mike, thank you so much for your diligence and hard work on these books! Your efforts each and every time are above and beyond the expectations. Again, thank you!

Joe, Architectural and Interior Firm

Tom is always courteous and helpful. If everyone could be as pleasant and helpful, our work days would be so much more pleasant. We are proud to have Cushing as part of our team and look forward to your future contributions. Thank you for having Tom in our building!

Grace, Architectural, Interior and Planning

Joe, you guys did a small printing job for us last minute, last week. We worked with Sarah Burke. She was fantastic. Great communication and follow-up and a pleasure to work with. Just felt I needed to pass that along.

Pete, Marketing Agency

I have used your services on several occasions over the last few months. Every job order I requested was handled with care and interest. Your people — namely Jillian and Carolyn — were professional, knowledgeable and very helpful.

Don, Designer

I would like to acknowledge another job(s) well done by Amada, Frank and Lisa. With the great direction and guidance by Lisa, Amada and Frank presented an excellent job on these projects, as well as getting the job back to my office in a very timely manner. Thank you again.

Barbara, Architectural Firm

The production team always works together and regardless of the project’s scope or scale, they consistently put out great product. I appreciate their proactive approach to both issue spotting and resolution.A production staff like yours makes us want to keep our business with Cushing!

Ben, Designer

I have been using your digitizing services for rare architectural prints for some months. I am always impressed with the courtesy and alacrity of all the people that you have up there to be of service and respond professionally and promptly. I hope our team here makes the same impression on the outside that yours does on me.

I am sure you already know this but I just wanted to let you know that you have some of the friendliest people working for you. We are coordinating a job with you guys for a customer of ours that needs a delivery north of Chicago and everyone has been so helpful and nice to talk to on the phone. I may start calling them when I need someone to cheer me up.


Last night was the second time Matt Cushing caught an oversight on our part before we did! Matt noticed an error on our drawing list before an issue set went out to our client. Not only was Matt on the phone immediately to point out the error but came up with a solution to help us meet the deadline. Thanks you for being THE printing service our firm can confidently count on!

Grace, Design Architect

I cannot give Bruce and Randy enough compliments. They are calm and always make you feel reassured when it’s crunch time. They are a delight to work with.

Deanna, Executive Assistant, Marketing

Kudos to Randy and Bruce! We put them through a real fire drill the past day and a half with a very large print job for Bensenville. Last minute changes — many adversities. I thanked them both for the perseverance and patience as we really wore them out. They should be recognized for their hard work and continued extra effort. THANKS!

James, Engineering Design Firm

The thing that I appreciate the most about Bruce and Randy is that they are always very careful when they print things for me, and they always get me my prints on time. A couple of times, they have noticed that pages were missing or out of order, and because they notified me, I was able to fix the problems before sending plans to our clients. They always do a great job!

Jeffrey, PE

Once again at Cushing, you have out-done yourselves. I wanted to pass along our praise for members of your staff that continue to help us in tight deadlines, and have provided an excellent resource to make sure the job is handled with the highest quality. My discussions with John always leave me confident in Cushing — more so than other printing companies that we have dealt with in the past. Thank you to everyone at Cushing that has proven to be a great help in our productions.

Matt, Designer

I would like recognize one of your employees for doing a great job. It was my first visit to your Cushing office on Higgins Road. Bruce Luckett was very accommodating, took time to take my file and plot it while I waited. He was friendly and helpful. I look forward to conducting business with Cushing and Bruce in the future. Thank you, Bruce!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about what a great employee you have in Randy. What made him stand out was the ease he switched from what he was doing to our needs. He made it seem effortless — as though he had nothing better to do than take care of us. He is personable, handled our needs with professionalism and friendliness that you don’t often see in business anymore. 


We wanted to extend a big “thank you” to the Cushing team for the attention to the Oce install and Sepialine upgrade that your teams worked on this week at our office. We also greatly appreciated the follow-up training on Tuesday. It was a great help! Everything went extremely smooth (from our perspective), and is working really well. We did not miss a beat! The equipment is great, and I’ve heard nothing but positive responses on the line quality, etc. In short, this is the exact proof as to why we love to do business with Cushing. You are all awesome!

Adam, Architectural Firm