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Custom Bound Book Printing

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Book printing is available in a variety of custom formats & binding options. Aspiring authors to marketing professionals, your custom book won’t get buried on the shelf.

Custom books can be a unique client leave behind, enhance a meeting or simply be the product you sell through your online store.

Tell us your goals and we’ll provide a solution.

Book Questions

Here are some questions we’ll ask to help understand your project needs.

  • What size do you need printed?
  • What paper stock?
  • Matte or Glossy finish?
  • Is it double-sided or single-sided?
  • Is it portrait or landscape?

Our team is excited to help get the pages turning on your custom book.

Questions Cushing Will Ask About Your Book Project
Perfect Binding Option
Perfect Bound Book Binding

Perfect Binding, Powerful Results

What is a perfect bound book? A binding style that resembles a paperback book and comes in a variety of sizes. Laminating adds a professional look to stand out from the competition. When it comes to perfect bound binding, clients tend to call ahead even if their book or design is still in the beginning stages (which is great; we love these inquiries). In the design phase? Explore the perfect binding infographic below. Make your presentation perfect with a perfect bound book!

Val was so helpful and patient with everything that went into our order. The books turned out great and everybody loved them. Cushing was so wonderful to work with and we will definitely be using them again in the future!”
Build Your Perfect Bound Book


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Coil/Spiral Bound Book Binding

Coil/spiral document binding allows you to lay documents flat when open, or turn pages notebook-style. We have a wide selection of classic spiral binding styles and cover options perfect for document printing.  Spiral is strictly plastic. Customers tend to request this option because it works well to spruce up a presentation and catches the eye.

Coil Binding Option
GBC Binding Option
GBC Plastic Comb Binding

GBC plastic comb books are an inexpensive, low maintenance option for many document types, including financial reports and training guides. We tend to receive a number of requests from architectural and engineering community for this binding option. It can be used with many applications and popular within manufacturing and the engineering printing industries.

“The personal phone call from Maht put Cushing at the top of the list. The personal touch showed me right away that Cushing was a dedicated and professional service.”
Author Katherine Dove
Saddle Stich Book Binding

It has nothing to do with horseback riding, but this binding option is offered in response to frequent client requests received by our customer service team: I need a book printed and bound but don’t want it that big?

Or: I need a multipage piece but not bulky, thin in appearance. Sound like your project? Saddle stich is an option for you to consider.

This binding is what you most often see in publications such as magazines using two-to-three staples.
Saddle Stich Binding Option
By The Book

Your custom book is a useful leave behind. Don’t forget to include critical information such as your website and contact details.

Make it easy for your prospects and customers to get back to you.

Wire O Binding Option
Wire-O Book Binding

Ideal for shorter presentations, wire-o binding can be used for annual reports, marketing collateral, pricing books, sales reports or ANY other document that needs a special flair. Wire bound books are sturdy, will deliver the impressive results you need and keep the pages flipping. Many marketing directors spec this bind specifically; most likely it will come down to personal preference. Want a sample? Lets talk.

Proposal Printing and Binding

From event agendas and programs to a syllabus, these can be a simple two-paged staple document or 400 page document. Speaking at a conference or trade show in Chicago? Have a critical sales presentation? We can have all your print ready materials here when you arrive.  We can even have them ready for you in over 200 cities in North America and the UK, right out of Chicago.  Simply want to impress your audience with a high quality, customized document? Consider proposal printing. Not only will your audience be impressed, they’ll be able to reference the information you presented for days and weeks to come.

Our Typical Custom Book Customer?

With so many professionals and businesses in the city of Chicago, no two inquiries are the same. Clients include Chicago-based advertising agencies, writers, business and owners. Custom printed books to additional small format printing, check out our latest digital press, offering incredible quality, by clicking the image below.


Ashley from Whittl
“I can’t thank Cushing enough for the incredible work they have done for us. Always able to fit in our often last minute request and always the top quality. Cushing is our go-to for all of our printing needs over at Whittl!”
Hardbound Book Binding

This binding type is made of several body pages glued into a hardbound cover to give your work the look of a major publishing house. It may also remind you of an educational text book. With hard bound printing, you receive a finished product that is unique and polished. Consider this option for mid-volume distribution, whether looking to sell your books through an online store or reaching a large number of people at a seminar. We can help you plan ahead. This is a book that should stay on their shelves for a long time.

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