Customer Service Week 2017

Customer Service Week is a team-building exercise that brings together fun, festivities, and creative energy. Throughout the week Cushing celebrates with themed days, plenty of prizes and shared experiences beyond the print shop floor.
Celebrating stellar team members that act like a family!

Name That Tune Day

Are you a music lover that sings along to Spotify? Or are you still rocking that old CD player or Walkman? No matter the genre or how you enjoy songs, Name That Tune kicked off Customer Service Week. Snippets of songs blasted over our company intercom (really).

Whoever guessed the tune, and submitted it first earned points for their team!

The Newlywed Game Day

The second day of Customer Service Week was The Newlywed Game Day! Coworkers paired off and coordinated outfits…we even got some of their significant others in on the fun. We contacted them ahead of time, asking questions that would stump their spouses, and surprised our coworkers with our version of the Newlywed Game.

The Price Is Right!

Another daytime game show sensation, it played perfectly for our 2017 celebration. It also doubled as our PJ – pajama day – since contestants on this show usually dress…casually.

As Bob Barker would say: “Come on Down!”


“Everything was beautiful! They were really happy with the placeholders! Thank you and your team so much for making that happen! WE'RE SUPER HAPPY! Very happy to work with a local, Chicago vendor and the Cushing team just gets it.”
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? We do! On Wednesday our coworkers dressed to impress and looked like a million bucks! Each team was asked to select one representative to answer our million-dollar questions (with a few life lines, of course). Congratulations to Matt Hausler of Bleed or No Bleed and Justin Lirot of Wheel of Printers for scoring the most points for their teams!

They’re millionaires in our eyes.

Family Feud Day

Did you know Family Feud has been on TV over 40 years? From Richard Dawson to Steve Harvey, no doubt there are many fans of the Feud out there. So we had to include in this year’s celebration!

For this theme day, Cushing team members came to work, dressed in the same color shirt.


Cheers on a ball field? MVP! During CSW, its MVC! That stands for Most Valuable Co-Worker – same concept, different name! Ballots are distributed to staff (anonymous, of course) and team members select – names are tallied and we have a winner. Here are this year’s top 5.

Frank Jimenez – WINNER
Rachel Batman
Mariano Montes
Demetrius Calhoun
Julia Kaufman

Rookie of the Year

Christine Fetting – WInner

Jess Alessi

Conor Harmon

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Mike Duff Award

Instead of following trends, Mike Duff was seeking the next one. When it came to existing shop technology, Duff uncovered innovative ways to get the best use of what was in production.. The Mike Duff Award recognizes a team member with that same spirit.

Congratulations Christine Fetting!

Where are You Going?

The Extra Mile of Course! Congratulations to this year’s winners.

Julia Kaufman – Winner
Mariano Montes
John Nelson
Matt Hausler
Rachel Batman

Happy Anniversary!

Michelle, William, Randy, Bruce, Valerie and David celebrated anniversaries at Cushing!


Carl Hansen Award

Thoughtful and humble, Carl always did his best to listen to team members and understand their needs. The recipient of the Carl Hansen award is a Cushing employee who displays all of these characteristics.

Congratulations Catie Duffy!

“We have worked with Cushing for several years now, and they always deliver. Recently, we were late planning for our largest national trade show, but between Mike Sherkey's responsiveness, and Anjelica Garcia's attention to detail and the production staff's ability to hit a very tough deadline, we made it. The work was excellent, the display spectacular and the show was a great success. Thanks for the effort, everyone.”